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4 Myths About Custom Dance Floor Graphics

Custom dance floor graphics have been making waves as the latest way to personalize your event while adding an unforgettable touch. But some misconceptions are floating around that we want to clear up. When you’re deciding about whether or not to include a custom dance floor in your event design, it’s important to have all of the information up front.

Here we go!

Myth #1: Dance floor wraps can ruin the floor. 

Understandably many people are worried about whether or not the custom graphic will affect the venue floor. No one wants to be liable for that! Thankfully, these wraps are designed to be removed with no damage to the existing floor, which means you can count on getting your deposit back. Easily removed, each and every graphic is placed using specific materials and techniques designed to give you a high-impact visual without any lasting effects to the floor.

Myth #2: The graphics wear off and won’t hold up in high traffic areas. 

Even the most packed dance floors won’t get damaged when using custom graphics. These durable wraps are created to last far beyond their typical usage and designed to offer a non-slip surface that can last for weeks, ensuring its durability during your special event.

Wedding dance floorMyth #3:  You’re limited to certain design options. 

Floor wraps can be designed in full color, meaning that if you can imagine it, it can be designed and printed. There’s no limit to the number of colors that can be used or the type of design that can be created. Our team has crafted countless custom designs incorporating elements designed to fit the event’s theme.

The ability to use a completely custom graphic is one of the best parts of floor graphics, letting you add a one-of-a-kind detail. dance floor inspiration

Myth #4:  Custom graphics are limited to a certain size range. 

Many people have reached out to us and were concerned that their floor was too big to be covered with a floor graphic. With our unique process, we can cover floors of every size, transforming a previously unused area into a focal point.

Dance floor wraps are a unique way to tie together your event. If you’re considering using one, we hope this clears up some of the common misconceptions about them!



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