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4 Ways to Transform Your Wedding Dance Floor with Graphics

The dance floor is one of the most important places on your big day, from your first waltz as newlyweds to special dances with the father of the bride and mother of the groom. And let’s not forget the dance party that takes place once your guests get out there! Even if you’ve been so busy picking out flowers and coordinating dresses that you haven’t given the dance floor a second thought yet, don’t miss the opportunity to make it as unique as you and your spouse-to-be.

Wedding dance floors have transformed over the years, from candles and lights around the area to today’s fully customizable graphics. These dance floor decals make it easy to tie together all the details of your wedding, show off your personality and give the room a focal point. Your guests are going to be dying to hit the dance floor once they hear the DJ, so it makes perfect sense to put a personal touch on it.

Here’s some inspiration to transform your wedding dance floor from the latest trends we’ve been seeing:

Monogrammed Dance Floor

Make the dance floor your own by adding a monogram with your initials. Guaranteed to make for great photos, rather than putting your initials on cocktail napkins or other disposable items, go with a can’t-miss-it monogrammed dance floor.

Monogrammed Dance Floor 2

Monogrammed Dance Floor 1Floral Dance Floor

Turn up the romance in the room by adding a floral floor cover. Create a design that matches your overall theme and colors to amplify all the small details you’ve picked out.

floral dance floorMarble

Classic never goes out of style as these marble dance floors prove. Get a timeless look and take your wedding to new heights with a touch of elegance. 

marble dance floor

Marble Dance Floor

Bring the outdoors in

No matter what time of year you’re having your wedding, you can turn any reception area into an outdoor wonderland with a little greenery. From whimsical vines to bold designs, some leaves and ivy can transform your dance floor and works well in any space.

ivy dance floor

bold leafy dance floor

Last but not least

We couldn’t resist including this aisle wrap. We love the coordination and bright pops of color of our clients’ wedding. This custom aisle wrap proves you can go beyond dance floors to create a custom wedding that’s all your own, as unique as your love story.

Make your wedding dance floor all your own

With the amount of special, once-in-a-lifetime memories that take place on the dance floor, spend some time thinking about to make it unique to your wedding.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas for ways to turn your dance floor into a centerpiece!

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