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The Business Graphics Guide: Brand Your Space, Increase Sales & Boost Morale

Workplace graphics have been on the rise in recent years and with good reason. From boosting office morale and employee satisfaction, solidifying brand recognition and helping to increase sales, graphics have earned their spot in both marketing and human resources. With some strategic planning, the walls, windows and floors of your business can be used to keep employees happy and wow visiting clients and guests.

Set the tone and get clients ready to buy

office wall graphicGraphics can create a truly immersive brand experience that starts the second a potential client walks in. As much as the words you say and the products and services you present are important, the perception of your business and how you make your clients feel is even more so. An article by Forbes highlights just how many business decisions are based on emotions rather than logic:

In short, the survey found that without question personal value, perhaps better read emotional value overwhelmingly outweighed logic and reason in driving purchase decisions.”

If you want to put clients in the mood to buy, sign a contract or commit to using your company, your workplace environment can be used to help influence their decision. A well-branded space creates a positive impact on your guests, giving you a promising start. By conveying your brand through graphics, target customers will be able to easily see and feel what they hope to achieve or gain purchasing your service or product.

Keep employees happy

workplace graphic

Company culture and employee retention are big concerns in today’s workplace. With increasing turnover rates and the cost to hire and train an employee, more and more businesses are focused on how they can keep their staff from leaving for another opportunity. From a business perspective, workplace branding can serve as constant reminders of the company’s culture and values.

The number of hours spent in the workplace can be staggering, with Americans spending between 40-60 hours a week at work on average.  While co-workers, managers and benefits all play a role in employee satisfaction, the workplace environment is one of the largest factors. In fact, a recent study (PDF) suggests that the work environment makes up 25% of job satisfaction for employees.

Don’t underestimate what having a well-designed interior can do for your staff:

  • Boost employee morale
  • Increase staff engagement
  • Help with employee retention
  • Strengthen brand recognition
  • Solidify company culture

Using Graphics in a Business

Direct people, showcase products or services or create an unexpected pop of fun in your business with floor graphics. Elevators, stairs, entryways, leading into a conference room – all of these make ideal places to use floor graphics.

Wall and window graphics can also be used with a wide variety of business types. Here are some examples of how to make an impact with them:

  • You have a fitness center and use images of fit, confident people on their walls to convey to members that their gym can help their achieve their healthiest self
  • You own a design agency and your creative and unique graphics show the out-of-the-box thinking clients can expect to help set their brand apart
  • You’re at a doctor’s office whose waiting room is typically very full. You use cheerful, interesting graphics to create a welcoming but calming environment.


fitness center wall graphic

Give your business a major upgrade to influence customers as soon as they enter and keep your employees happy and engaged.  As you decide on how to brand your workplace, remember that the space is a reflection of your business and brand and serves to influence guests, inspire employees and showcase your company culture.  

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