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The Writing on the Wall: Commercial Wall Wraps and Window Displays

Whether you rent or own your commercial property, you want to get the most out of the space that you have for your business. After all, every square inch of it can offer some kind of value for you. When you’re planning out how to use it, though, are you planning for how to use your walls and windows?

Don’t just use walls for shelving and windows for letting light in. These spaces are valuable when you use commercial wall wraps and window displays as part of your marketing and design strategy.

Enhance your space

Business isn’t a beauty contest, but it’s still important to style your space in a way that helps unify your brand, communicate essential information about your operations and services, and connect with your customers. Custom wall wraps and window graphics are impactful because they can:

  • Make even the most humdrum space more engaging by creating a unique ambiance for your business through murals, images, or attractive graphic design
  • Offer employees and customers a higher level of privacy through window wraps
  • Establish your brand through the use of colors, fonts, and other design elements
  • Showcase business basics like your logo, website and social platforms, hours of operation

Another benefit of wall wraps and window displays is that they’re not permanent. While highly durable, you can easily and affordably change them out for different seasons, promotional events, or to update as your business and marketing plan requires. 

And remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to the interior walls. Look at the outside of your building to see what options you have for embellishment. 

Consider this:

Use wall wraps and window displays for functional purposes as well as aesthetic and marketing purposes. These design elements are a great way to implement wayfinding features into your space.

Promote and advertise 

Walls and windows  — but especially windows — are excellent ways to provide physical advertisements for upcoming sales and promotions. By using wall wraps and window clings, you have tons of flexibility for how you incorporate that space into your campaigns:

  • Discounts and specials
  • Membership plans and programs
  • New and upcoming merchandise or restocks
  • Seasonal sales

Because they are so versatile, you can use wall wraps or window clings whether your space is an itty-bitty office or a cavernous warehouse. The important thing is to make the most of the space you have so you generate as much awareness as possible. 

Set your brand apart

Let’s look a little more at branding options for wall wraps and window clings. When used creatively, your walls and windows are an important point of contact for your brand. Your designs should reinforce brand colors, fonts, logos, imagery, taglines, and any other element that you associate with your brand identity. 

Always look at your overall brand strategy when implementing a wall wrap or window display. (Or really any other marketing campaign, let’s be honest!) Carefully coordinating will ultimately create a higher degree of brand awareness.

Ideas to consider when branding your wall or window wrap:

  • Use to enhance a current marketing campaign
  • Tie into your social media to generate likes and follows
  • Always work in an appropriate a call-to-action 

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Protect your customers

In the COVID-19, it’s critical for businesses to think about public health issues. Much is unknown about the future of the pandemic and robust measures still need to be taken in public spaces to keep everyone healthy.

Wall wraps and window clings are a great way to share important information for customers on your policies regarding social distancing, masking, hygiene practices, and other relevant health information. 

Looking for creative ways to bring your walls and windows to life? We’d love to chat with you. Reach out to our team at SHOUT for more information.

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