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7 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Dance Floor

When it comes to wedding plans, we often focus on big-ticket items: wedding dress, flowers, food, band, – all tied together by a theme. A well-designed wedding makes for a memorable day for everyone involved, but as a newlywed, chances are that you’ll be so blissed out on your wedding day that you won’t notice the floor beneath your feet.  

However, there is, in fact, a floor under them…and it’s space that can pack a seriously stylish punch. When it comes to finalizing all of the elements of your big day, the dance floor is one detail that you shouldn’t overlook. A dance floor wrap is a creative way to tie the room together. 

Extend your wedding theme

Did your invitation depict two turtledoves cooing, followed by fluttering turtledove centerpieces and cake toppers? Keep the theme – whatever it may be – going by extending it to your dance floor. Whether it’s birds, books, or ballet, pulling in visual elements from your overall theme onto the dance floor will complement everything else. 


Go bigger than a bouquet with a floral-patterned wedding floor wrap. Whether you are going with bright, bold sunflowers or delicate orchids, your wedding flowers will create a romantic backdrop for any photographs of your big day.


Monograms are a perennial favorite for weddings: hand towels, stationery, cheeseboards. What’s not to love? These simple, elegant designs symbolize your union in a tasteful way. Create a similar elegance on your dance floor by gracing it with monograms. 

Monogrammed dance floors draw attention to the reason everyone is there – to celebrate your marriage – without overwhelming the space!


“I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.” 

“It is such a happiness when good people get together—and they always do.” 

“True love stories never have endings.” 

If you’re moved by an author, poet, or other luminaries, share their words with your wedding guests. The quote will inspire your guests and add a touch of literary refinement to your dance floor. Or go with your favorite song lyrics to let everyone sing along!

Love letters

Everyone loves a love letter. They’re the epitome of romance, two sweethearts so smitten they took the time to put pen and postage to paper. (A true miracle these days!) Share a choice selection of your exchanges with your guests – it is sure to stir their hearts. 

Shared passion

The Green Bay Packers. Star Wars. Vintage 1978 Toyota FJ60s. If you and your partner are united in your love of a particular hobby, why not extend it to your wedding decor? After all, it’s your big day. This approach can also be used for an unexpected surprise for your intended. 

It’ll grab way more attention than a groom’s cake!

Stay simple

On the other hand, just because you’re considering extra details doesn’t mean that those details need to be over-the-top. You can make a big statement with your dance floor with a marble wrap or coordinating pops of color or textures. 

This approach allows for adding an element of visual interest without making it the showpiece of the wedding. After all, that should be the newlyweds!

Make it personal!

This day is all about you and your other half. No matter what way you decide to decorate your wedding dance floor and the million other details, it should reflect what makes your bond with your soon-to-be spouse unique. After all – a wedding is a celebration of your one of a kind love!


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