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Drive Sales While The Sun Shines to Give Your Business The Best Chance!

July and August are considered by some as the “slow months” for business. Of course, this totally depends on the field of business you operate in, but as it’s the time of year when most people take vacation leave, business naturally slows across many sectors. However, rather than swimming with the tide, try using this slowdown period as an opportunity to set up for the success of the fourth quarter which is often the busiest time of the business year! Not taking your foot off the gas can mean you’re ahead of the rest when the crunch time arrives, giving your business the best opportunity for sales success. Here are some great ways to ensure you utilize the time to maximum effect!

Use the time to build your marketing strategy for the coming season

Having a bold, dynamic and well-planned marketing strategy ready for the fourth quarter means you can focus less on planning how to get potential clients through the door, and more on how to convert these into sales! Don’t waste time in the summer just because the winter seems so far away because before you know it you’ll be swamped in the run-up to Christmas!

Get your marketing collateral orders in early

By following the step above, you will be in a good position to order the material and design from your printer for the coming sales season. This gives you plenty of benefits such as extra time which can be used to make any adjustments or tweaks to your material or strategy, and will also avoid the stress of last-minute hiccups as you will already have planned everything to a tee way in advance.

Take advantage of the “down-time” to boost your customer base

While other companies slow down for the summer, there may be an opportunity to take advantage of their slow pace during these months and convert new customers to your service or product. Customers like high-quality service, on-demand, all year round. If other companies’ service quality drops but yours stays consistent and strong, it’s likely that customers will migrate and stay with your business now and into the future. Maintaining business as usual during the “slow” summer months will present ample opportunity to “poach” customers from rival businesses. What’s more, consumer group studies have asserted that people are more likely to make purchase decisions when the weather is good due to higher feelings of joy associated with the summer months, which puts any business in a better position when it comes to driving those sales while the sun shines!

The months of July and August should not be simply written off! They’re a time when your company should regroup and push for sales that will encourage customer interaction in the future. It’s also a brilliant time to get an early start on planning your marketing strategy so that any hiccups or changes don’t get in the way of that all-important fourth quarter sales drive! At SHOUT!, we understand the need to keep the pace up in the summer and to get an early start on your next season’s marketing strategy, which is why we’re offering two great deals to give you that little boost you need! We will offer a 15% discount for any print order made in July, and in August we will beat any print quote by 10%, so make sure you take advantage of this great offer to give your business the best head start this summer!

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