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Get Creative and Design a Dance Floor for a Day to Remember

So, you’re getting married, the big day has arrived, and you’ve thought of EVERYTHING! You have the right colored drapes, tablecloths, flowers, the most flattering lighting and have meticulously planned where everyone is sitting, what they’re eating and drinking and how the order of the day will unfold. But, when you step into your wedding party all you can see is a big, open, empty space right in the middle of the floor that sucks the life out of all the decorative effort you have put in! It turns out, YOU FORGOT TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEDDING DANCE FLOOR!… luckily, you wake up!

This is a nightmare scenario that happens to so many people, many forget that the part of the room that is the focal point, where most of the fun is had, and to where everyone’s eyes are drawn is the dance floor. Lots of people don’t even realize that dance floors can be customized, and resign themselves to the fact that everyone will be dancing on a drab bit of hard floor that is scratched and scuffed and in need of replacement. At SHOUT! we endeavor to change this!

Customizing your wedding dance floor adds that personal touch right in the center of the room, drawing everyone’s attention and giving them all a spectacle that will help your special day stick in their minds forever. The great thing about custom dance floors is that they are customized to EXACTLY how you would like them, meaning you can be as creative, personal and wild with the design as you wish!

SHOUT! Uses the latest in graphic design technology to build your perfect image. Our state of the art equipment produces high-quality definition print design that can be applied to all sorts of floor spaces, including custom floor wraps for entrance halls, hardwearing anti-scuff dance floor wraps, and even custom floor stickers for that added extra touch! Not only does our equipment and product set us apart from the rest, but our experienced, expert staff have had years of involvement in the industry and their knowledge is invaluable. They will be happy to help you with any design queries you may have when creating your own dance floor.

Call SHOUT! today for a quote and get started on designing your dream wedding dance floor. The devil is in the detail so order your customized dance floor now and keep those guests dancing late into the night!


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