Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle Wrap

You’ve made the decision to invest in one or more wraps for your fleet of work vehicles. Congratulations! Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to grab the attention of new customers and studies show that your vehicle could garner up to 70,000 impressions every day. That’s a lot of potential customers.

While vehicle wraps are actually more affordable than you might expect, they’re still an investment for your business. It’s important to treat them as such by considering the following factors so that you get the most out of your vehicle wrap.

Invest in your marketing plan

A vehicle wrap is great, but how does it actually fit in with the rest of your marketing? How will the wrap help you meet your larger goals? For example, if your goal is to also grow your food truck’s social media following, make sure to prominently display your social logos on your wrap. If your home design and renovation company targets new homeowners, your messaging should include a thoughtful tagline to that effect.

Invest in a quality design 

It’s not enough to just blast your logo across the side of your truck in black and white. You’ll want to consider image resolution, font type and size, color, placement, and more to avoid having a final product that looks grainy, distorted, or lacks visibility. To get the best results, work with an experienced designer to maximize your branding. 

Make sure to include a clear call to action that directs people to your website, phone number, or social media.

Invest in your audience 

You’ve got a perfect design and it’s been flawlessly executed. Now what? 

Take your vehicle straight to your target market. 

If you’re a caterer, parking near grocery stores will inspire the interest of hungry clients. If you’re in home renovations, make sure that your route takes you through neighborhoods with lots of home sales. 

Invest in maintenance 

While keeping your new wrap bright and shiny isn’t difficult, it’s still important to keep it spotless. Handwashing is by far the best way to maintain your wrap. Just as important is investing in keeping your vehicles themselves in good repair – a new wrap won’t make much of an impression if your vehicles are in disrepair.

Invest in a quality job

We all loved to play with stickers when we were kids but installing a graphic vehicle wrap is a lot more complicated than putting on a big sticker. Research potential shops for your job and don’t be afraid to ask to see their portfolio. A reputable installer will always be excited to show off their stellar work. 

The time it takes to conceptualize, design, and install a vehicle wrap is an investment. However, when you consider the potential payoffs for your business – one of your most important investments – it’s an easy decision. 

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