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Eye Candy for Your Brand: Growing Your Business with Vehicle Wraps

If you have company vehicles and you’re looking to grow, consider adding some eye candy to your fleet. With a cost per impression that comes in much lower than nearly every other marketing method and the ability to reach thousands of people a day, a vehicle graphic can have the power to start bringing in leads and generating more business. Even if you don’t have a whole fleet of vehicles, wrapping just one truck or car can put you on the same playing field as national companies and franchises.

Tracking ROI

Everyone wants to make sure they’re getting a return on their marketing dollars. If you’re looking to grow your business, there are a few ways to go about tracking the return on investment for your vehicle wrap.

Speciality phone numbers
Using a specific phone number that potential clients only see on your vehicle wrap will make it easy to see where the calls are coming from. Services like Call Tracking Metrics, Convirza and CallRail can provide phone numbers and tracking that will automatically forward to your existing phone number for as low as $19/month. Callers won’t know they aren’t calling your direct business line, but you’ll be able to tell exactly how many times the phone is ringing thanks to your vehicle graphic.

Promo codes
Another way to track incoming leads is to create a specific promotion for your wrap. You can also run the same promotion you usually do, such as 25% off your first appointment but add in “Mention promo code VEHICLE”. By running unique offers or requiring a discount code new clients will be unknowingly filling you in on how they found out about you.

Increase in overall clients/sales
If you’re on limited time (and what business owner isn’t?), consider tracking the number of new clients and your sales numbers over the past few months or even year. Once the vehicle wrap is complete you can then compare your new stats to old ones to figure out percent changes. While new clients can’t be directly accredited to the vehicle wrap, if all other marketing is remaining the same there is a significant chance the wrap is the reason behind the increase.

Crafting the Right Design

To make the most out of your investment, creating the right wrap will make all the difference in the attention your vehicle gets. The ultimate goal is to design a graphic people can’t help but take notice of, drawing them in and getting them to pay attention to your brand. Bold designs that avoid too much copy, are readable and true to your branding will get your vehicle wrap the most impressions.

To learn more about the design an eye-catching vehicle wrap, check out How To Design a Stand Out Vehicle Wrap.

Going for Growth

If you’re ready to expand and want to use marketing to help increase your revenue, vehicle graphics can make it happen. Research shows companies who use vehicle graphics see a substantial increase in the number of leads they get, all without changing anything from their daily routine. By traveling on the same roads you always have you can be working to build your business with a stand-out vehicle graphic!

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