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Harness the Power of Print Technology To Grow Your Business

Commercial businesses have their work cut out for them in today’s cluttered advertising space. But thankfully powerful new print technology is creating waves by making it easier than ever to stand out from the crowd, build brand awareness and increase sales.

Direct mail campaigns

Direct mail is definitely not dead. Consumers today are overwhelmed with digital ads, social media, pop-ups and email campaigns. Use the opportunity to get noticed with an ad they can actually hold.

Thanks to powerful new technology, direct mail can be inexpensively tailored to each and every individual. Whether it’s personalizing a piece to include a first name or targeting a specific offer or benefit depending on demographics, these custom pieces are affordable and have a huge impact.

Also relatively inexpensive is tracking the return on investment of direct mail pieces. With a custom 1-800 number used only on direct mail pieces you’ll know exactly how a lead found you. You can also offer a coupon code or offer that exists only on the postcards. Require the coupon code to receive the offer and voila – you know where the lead originated from. Don’t forget about the ability to customize mailing with each recipient’s name via variable data printing.

Customized short-run flyers, ads and brochures

Every advertising piece should be targeted to your potential clients. Yet many businesses have three or more segments of target groups.

For example, take the realtor who works not only with individuals, but also with title companies, banks and businesses. The same flyer won’t work for each of those groups. They all have different concerns and interests.

The solution: digital printing. Gone are the days where you have to order a minimum of 1,000. Perfect for those short-run pieces, digital printing lets you create pieces that speak to a particular vertical’s problems and shows the solution your business has to to offer.


When it comes to signage these days if you can envision it, it can be be created. Both indoor and outdoor signs are a reflection of your brand so it’s important they’re professional and eye-catching.

Outdoor banners and signs are a great way to increase brand awareness and get some foot traffic in the door. Change out signs as you introduce new offers and specials to keep the signs fresh.

Go big with large-scale banners if you have the space or keep it small but bold to capture attention if you have limited room to work with. No matter what size area you have to work with, there’s always options.

Trade Show Displays

From local Chamber of Commerce and town events to conferences with thousands of attendees, any trade show is an investment – and an opportunity to get right in front of potential clients. Nowhere else can you get that kind of face-time to pitch your business and all its benefits.

Take advantage and make the most of these events by creating a booth that draws people in. With lots of vendors to see and limited time attendees are only stopping at the booths that really catch their attention. If you want the traffic you’ll have to draw them in.

Make sure your booth is branded, from your trade show display to flyers to business cards. Trade show booths today aren’t the big, clunky ones you might remember from the early 2000s. They’re sleek, easy to transport and best of all, cost-effective.

Think a full display is out of your budget? You can easily create an eye-catching booth with a few bold, well-placed pop up banners. The right design goes a long way.

Commercial businesses today are taking full advantage of what new print technology has to offer. You have to stand out in today’s marketplace and these print solutions are just the way to do it.

Amanda Sexton is a contributing Editor for SHOUT, a 25 year old graphic and print solutions family-owned company located in Flemington, NJ that specializes in high-quality results for businesses, entertainment and events, and commercial services. Focused on providing products that support a broader goal for their customers, SHOUT’s team delivers projects with a personal touch throughout the entire process.

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