How Signage & Floor Wraps Will Enhance Your Event

While no two events are exactly the same, that doesn’t mean no one has cracked the code when it comes to planning the perfect one. Events come in all different shapes and sizes. From weddings to trade shows, there’s a special way to celebrate any occasion. There are staple components that every event needs to be a success and then there are things that can help you take the celebration to the next level.

We’re talking about custom signage and floor wraps! Let’s walk you through how signage and floor wraps will enhance your special event.

Signs At Your Event

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Signage most likely won’t be the central focus of your event. But sometimes, it’s easily forgotten. Without clear and concise signage directing your guests and attendees to help them find what they’re looking for, the occasion can quickly descend into chaos. Suddenly, guests will take note of the lack of signage. With proper signage, you can create positive event experiences for your guests to remember.

As soon as you secure a venue, take a look at the floor plan and determine what kind of signs your event needs. For things like trade shows and festivals, attendees will need to know where to pick up their tickets, where the restrooms are or where they can find food and drinks. At a wedding, your guests should be directed where to sit, informed of the event’s hashtag, or told where to sign the guest book or pick up their party favors. The purpose of your signs should be to direct and inform your guests to alleviate any confusion.

Once you’ve determined the necessary messages, it’s time to get creative. How you present the information is just as important as the information itself. With the right design, you can elevate the experience. If you’re hosting a corporate event or conference, it’s important to remember that each sign is a touchpoint and acts as an opportunity to impress your attendees. The more engaging your signage is, the better. You’ll open up new possibilities with attendees and sponsors alike.

The Appeal Of Floor Graphics

Like appealing signage, floor graphics are another way to engage with your attendees and guests. Recently, the most popular types of floor graphics have been dance floor wraps. At weddings or corporate events, a dance floor wrap is an ideal way to transform the reception space from floor to ceiling. A stunning monogram placed in the center of the dance floor will up the luxury factor of your special day. Decorating the dance floor of your corporate or fundraising event with your logo will help keep your business and brand as the central focus as your attendees dance the night away.

But floor graphics don’t just stop at the dance floor. Custom floor vinyl is a unique and interesting way to attract attention. At a trade show or convention, floor graphics can lead your attendees to different areas of interest. You can advertise special events or booths with graphics on the floor. Placing messages in new and unexpected places will help those messages to be more memorable.

Taking the time to design a custom floor graphic won’t go unnoticed by your guests or attendees. They’re a unique way to get your point across and create a more personalized experience. The creative possibilities are endless!

Start Designing Your Signage & Floor Wraps Today

If you’ve got a special event coming up, don’t forget to include signs and floor graphics! Our team of experts can help you design and create custom signage and floor wraps that will take your celebration or occasion to the next level. Contact SHOUT! today to start designing your event signage and custom floor wraps today.

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