How to Boost Traffic with Floor Graphics

In this modern age of online advertising and shopping, it seems that traditional forms of advertising that lure customers into your store may be on the way out. If you’ve had this thought, you’d be wrong! Brick and mortar shops are still the preferred mode of shopping for the majority of people, and with a few innovations in graphic design, there’s no reason why you can’t get more people through your doors! One of these innovations is the creative use of floor graphics. At SHOUT!, we’re here to give you some ideas and thoughts on how floor graphics can attract the attention you need to give your business a well-needed sales boost!

Total Immersion

Whether in a store, corporate event, or wedding party, floor graphics allow your guests to be immersed in the design, message, or large-scale graphic that is being portrayed. The ability of people to physically interact with the design – by standing or walking across it, actually reinforces the brain’s association with the message that the graphics display. This is because, unlike overhead graphics displays, floor graphics cannot be ignored, and with a little bit of creativity, they can be turned into interactive objects that generate positive experiences for those who come across them. When customers interact with these graphics, they’re immersing themselves in your company’s brand, reinforcing the association between positive experiences and your company!

What a conversation starter!

Not only are floor graphics an excellent way for potential customers and guests to interact with your brand, but this experience also encourages them to share their experience with others! Your company’s brand will be shared by word of mouth or through social media and therefore outside the vicinity of where the floor graphic is installed! This is a huge advantage as it’s likely to raise the profile of your brand in the local community and online.

Keeping it in focus

It’s a wonder that floor graphics are not more popular than they are, especially as studies have shown that stores that use floor graphics sell up to 17% more than those that don’t use them! This impact stems from the fact that floor graphics are much more noticeable than other forms of advertising, meaning potential customers spend longer focusing on them and are therefore more likely to act on them and remember the message they display. 

As shopping and advertising increasingly move online, there is a push to find new, innovative ways to engage with customers to lure them into shops and portray vital information. Floor graphics are quickly being adopted as part of many businesses’ marketing strategies, and here at SHOUT!, we understand the importance for any company out there to capitalize on this newly emerging advertising format. At SHOUT!, we offer bespoke floor graphics for a wide range of events and uses, and with our special anti-scuff technology, you can rest assured that they are durable and that the graphics stay clean and crisp for the duration of your advertising campaign. Visit our website, email us, or call us today to see how SHOUT! can transform your advertising campaign and put your business at an advantage!

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