How to Make Your Corporate Christmas Party One to Remember!

If you think back through the years, how many office Christmas parties have you gone to where the décor and layout of the room have really stuck in your mind? It’s probably not that many! This is because all too often, the decorations at these kinds of events become hidden or made less significant once the room is packed full of people and the lights are turned down low. This year, make your corporate Christmas party really stand out by taking a few tips from us here at SHOUT!

Touch The Floor!

We see it time and time again – you’ve gone to such lengths to make a space really stand out, but haven’t even considered the floor! This leaves a room looking completely lopsided with the walls and ceiling looking well-decorated, but the typical stained, drab carpet ruining the experience for all of the guests! The answer? A custom floor wrap! At SHOUT!, we offer custom floor wraps for all areas and event types whether you want to dazzle guests with an inviting entrance hall or encourage them to throw some shapes while standing on a mind-blowing patterned custom dance floor. Floor wraps are the missing link in event décor, so make sure you get organized this Christmas and give your employees something to remember!

Customize Your Party Tent!

Large tents are great places to hold corporate Christmas parties. They give you a blank canvas (literally) with which to do anything you please! Why not then go for a full-sized custom tent graphic wrap? The sheer size and detail of this customized wrap mean you can really get that “wow” factor added to the party, setting you apart from other employers and showing your staff that you want this Christmas to be that little bit more special than previous years!

Drum Up Support!

All of this talking about big graphics can sometimes mean we forget about the need for smaller printed material like banners and posters. In the days leading up to the party, make sure you get your employees excited by advertising it with high-quality custom posters and banners! At Christmas time, people always have multiple options for things to do, and you want to make sure that everyone in the workplace chooses your party. Make sure you advertise the theme, the time, and the location on a professional quality poster that reflects the professional quality décor they can expect at your party – you don’t want to plan the best Christmas party the company has ever thrown and only have a handful of the guests!

Christmas will be here in no time, so if you want this year to be the best party ever, then you had better get started on planning it sooner rather than later. At SHOUT!, we offer professional quality graphics that will take your party from standard to outstanding, leaving your employees with a lasting impression and solidifying you as an employer who really cares for their workforce. Give us a call today or visit our website to see how we can get the ball rolling on the greatest Christmas party you’ve ever thrown!

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