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How to Use Floor Graphics to Drive Sales

Businesses tend to look to the same types of marketing, but there’s one often overlooked location that can be a significant source of opportunity for businesses: floors. Through the use of custom floor graphics, you can promote specific items, services or sales to boost your bottom line. Durable, affordable and designed to create an impact, businesses of any type can use them to make a measurable impact on their profits.

Psychologist Joseph S. King showed people are programmed by nature to pay attention to the ground to see where they’re going. Combined with the fact that up to 82% of the purchase decisions of customers are made in-store are made according to POPAI, (Point of Purchase Advertising International, 2014), it’s no surprise floor graphics deliver astounding results when used properly. You can use floor graphics to influence these point of purchase decisions, getting results by subtly showcasing select brands and products.

A study took a close look at the impact of floor graphics on sales and the results were astounding. When a store uses floor decals in the aisle, sales increased 20-50% and brand image also improved. On top of that, nearly 20% of shoppers stopped to get a closer look at the decal!

The results make it clear floor advertising catches shoppers’ eyes and even more importantly influences what they wind up buying and how much.  By redirecting attention to the floor and showing an item in a novel way with relevant messaging, businesses can create a positive effect on the revenue. Incorporating these graphics doesn’t have to be difficult either. There are plenty of ways to cost-effectively incorporate them into a marketing and advertising strategy.

Built to last and affordable


Floor graphics are vinyl adhesives designed to not damage floors, last under foot traffic and maintain their impact for months. They’re easy to apply to both smooth and textured surfaces and are just as simple to remove, leaving no damage to the original flooring. Laminated with a slip-resistant coating, they’re also designed to prevent accidents caused by slipping.

The low cost of these graphics makes them ideal for short-term promotions while their durability means they’ll last if you’re looking for long-term signage.

Promote products and sales

Do you have an ongoing special, referral program or exclusive sale? Floor graphics can be strategically placed to promote them. This unique approach is much more likely to get someone’s attention than traditionally placed items. It also means there’s no loss of valuable space that can occur with bulky displays or signage.

Promotions that run until a particular date are also perfect for floor graphics if you’re looking to push a certain discount or item. Product launches are also well-suited for promotion through floor graphics, with the signage being used to showcase the item and direct customers to it. Have something in limited quantity or only discounted for a short time? Be sure to highlight that as well.

Not just for retail

The sales power of floor graphics isn’t exclusive to retail and stores. Conferences and sporting events can also benefit from using floor graphics, steering attendees toward merchandise areas or featured exclusive items available only at the event. Future events can also be promoted, such as an upcoming exhibit as a museum, to draw visitors back through a visual display that doesn’t take up valuable space.

Boost your bottom line

If you’re looking to increase your sales without breaking the bank, floor graphics can be a powerful way to make it happen. Creative and unique, they stand out from the other advertising methods for a fraction of the cost. Bold and colorful graphics get the attention of potential customers and guide them to purchasing choices that will increase your profits.


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