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Increase Your Event’s Attendee Experience: Use Custom Wraps for Directional Signage

You’ve done all the work to plan an innovative and exciting conference. The A-list speakers will be there, the tickets are sold, the sponsors are excited, and you are ready to provide a top-notch experience for guests. No need to be quiet – it’s time to go big.

Going big means creating an exciting visual experience to set the stage for presenters and vendors, giving them the platform they need to perform at their highest level. 

It means developing seamless and effective directional signage to keep the event moving, prevent delays, and eliminate frustration among your attendees. 

It means rewarding your sponsors and vendors with professional recognition that looks sharp and enhances everyone’s image.

It’s an essential piece of the planning and can be the element that ties the experience together. Custom wraps and inventive event signage can help you push your conference into the realm of the extraordinary without breaking your budget. 

Here’s how to do it with the biggest impact:

Don’t crowd hallways with stands and easels – opt for directional signage

Claim the event space without causing damage or encroaching on passageways. Use removable graphics instead. Large-scale custom graphics can be affixed to walls, pillars, even wrapped around elevator doors to help guide your attendees to sessions and transform the look and feel of the venue. 

After the event, they can be removed without leaving a trace. Talk with your host about options and visit the space to plan your vision. 

Remember to consider unexpected locations such as hallways, benches, and rafters as potential event signage solutions. The entire event space can become your canvas.

Create custom furnishings without the custom price

The venue will provide standard podiums, chairs, tables, and all of the necessary equipment to make the presentations run seamlessly. However, it’s just that: standard. 

Building your own furnishings and fixtures would likely be cost-prohibitive, plus you would be stuck with all of that bulk after the event. Once again, custom graphics can help save the day. 

Wrap the podiums – even wrap the walls behind the podiums to transform breakout sessions into TED-level presentation stages where your speakers can shine. 

Make the event memorable, professional, and dazzling by adding a level of staging formerly impossible without a set designer and an expensive, custom build. 

Removable graphics can transform a standard space into an extraordinary arena. They can give your event signage and fixtures that wow factor your attendees won’t soon forget. 

Give sponsors the royal treatment to make sure they participate again next year

Consider giving extra recognition to your top-level sponsors by extending the theme of custom graphics to the vendor floor. Instead of the standard booth space, help drive traffic to VIP booths with the same type of innovative directional signage you used throughout the event. 

Don’t limit yourself to traditional options. Consider adding durable floor graphics for an unexpected and eye-catching way to capture attention. Your extra effort will add value for your most important supporters.

You can also consider offering space on wayfinding and other event signage as part of the incentive package for sponsors. The more times attendees see the sponsor’s logo, especially when presented as a seamless part of the event, the more valuable the experience becomes for your supporters. 

Save yourself the setup – let a graphics company do the work for you

Don’t fuss and futz with stands, framework, or canvases for your event signage. You and your staff don’t need the added stress and headache when you’re trying to focus on the event itself. 

Instead, allow the professionals to do the work for you. Designers can create, install, and remove custom wraps and graphics for you as part of the promotion package. 

Make the event signage one less thing you need to worry about, and one more thing you’re proud to celebrate. 

Want to see how you can use custom wraps for your upcoming event? Give us a shout!


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