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Is Print Still an Effective Marketing Tool?

You go to a networking event and you give a few business cards to new prospects. When you go into the office the next day, you see a thank you card from a client you worked with last month. As you leave for the day, you remind your assistant to order more rack cards for the lobby – you’re running low again. 

You might not always notice, but print marketing is, in fact, alive and well in today’s marketing world. Banners, flyers, postcards, coupons, catalogs, the list goes on and on. Digital is a powerful tool, but the marketing potential means it’s still a major player. With its unique capabilities, print marketing can help you achieve your marketing goals. 

Shelf-stable marketing

Digital is almost instantaneous. You post an update and it’s out there for anyone to see. The speed of digital can be thrilling, but your work is gone in the blink of an eye. No one (except maybe other marketing professionals!) keeps screenshots of clever ads to look at later. 

Print materials on the other hand? We keep magazines and catalogs on our coffee tables, stick postcards to the refrigerator, and tuck business cards away in our wallets. Print stays in our physical world much longer and as a result, there are more points of contact between businesses and their audiences. 

print marketing njA brand to remember

Can you name the last five ads you saw when Googling the number for your vet’s office? Probably not. But what about the last five direct mailers you received? At least one will probably spring to mind. 

Print marketing doesn’t just stay with us longer physically – it also stays longer mentally. Studies show that you are more likely to remember something if you read it in print. This reality has huge implications for marketers. After all, our success relies on us creating memorable content.

Print also creates a stronger emotional response than digital content, according to a 2014 neuromarketing study by the US Postal Service and Temple University. If you can create a positive emotional response with your brand, consumers are much more likely to take that next step towards a transaction with you. 

print marketing New JerseyTrust us on this

Trust is one of the cornerstones of a successful brand. But are you communicating with your audience in a way that inspires trust? 

A 2017 global study by Kantar demonstrated that print media is more trusted than digital. In the era of fake news and alternative facts, consumers view printed content as more reliable than digital. Another study by MarketingSherpa in 2016 generated similar results, with print ads rating the highest; 82% of people rated print ads in newspapers and magazines as the most trusted when making a purchase decision.

The takeaway? Since the dawn of digital, businesses have increasingly prioritized the online world. But if marketers want to stand out among the competition for consumer attention, having a strong print game is essential.

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