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Juice it up this July: Tools and tactics to make your business’s summer promotion the one everyone remembers!

At SHOUT!, we pride ourselves on the range of clients we serve. From large scale corporations to small businesses such as contractors and store owners, our clients are our sole focus and no matter how big or small the project, we always put 100% of our attention and energy into ensuring a great service and product.

Small businesses make up a large proportion of our clientele, and naturally, we have taken on board their specific needs, advice and business knowledge to hone our skills as specialists when dealing with the wide range of professions we serve. Among others, we regularly provide a service to landscapers, plumbers, electricians, florists, caterers and car dealers, meaning our expertise for specialized services is second to none. With summer in full swing, we know how crucial this time is for an array of businesses as customers look to take advantage of the good weather for activities such as construction work, entertaining, and shopping! So, why not make July a time to offer a promotion and maximize the opportunity to convert customer interest into sales and revenue? At SHOUT! we are perfectly set up to meet your needs this summer, and here are some of the ways we can help you reach your sales goals!

Have a makeover

Giving your business a makeover in the summer with new marketing collateral really provides that crisp and sleek look that will make customers choose you over your competitors. New vehicle wraps, decals, banners, in-house banded material and billboard signs will emphasize that your business is the one to choose when the summer rush begins.

Offer a promotion

Offering a promotion is a great way to entice extra customers through your doors, but it’s all in the timing! July offers the perfect season for offering promotions because it’s likely that more potential customers will be on the lookout for the service your company provides. Take advantage of this and reach out to your customer base with targeted marketing collateral such as leaflets for front doors or car windscreens, business cards for client meetings, promotional stands at public spaces, and even direct mail. As part of a well-planned promotional campaign, these will lift your potential sales through the roof and make your company the hit of the season!

Promote your work, where you work!

This one mainly goes for those companies that do work in various locations such as contractors or catering services. It’s important to let everyone in the area where you do a job that you’re available, especially in places where you could potentially gain new customers through word of mouth. Try leaving strategically placed signs and advertisements at jobs that you are undertaking or have recently done as this is likely to get people talking about the recent service you’ve provided, and hopefully a good recommendation in the process! Signs, windscreen leaflets and business cards are the perfect tools with which to grab the attention of the neighborhood and build yourself a strong local reputation!

Small businesses are the lifeblood of communities in this country, and their needs range greatly depending on the service they provide. At SHOUT!, we understand this variety in needs, which is why we pride ourselves on our ability to provide expert support to small businesses. Check out the range of options we offer for your summer promotions this July and make this year the year to beat in the future!

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