Large Format Print for Corporate Events

Sometimes you need to make an impact that’s BIG, BRIGHT and BOLD! This could be a corporate event like a company conference or a trade show, or even something as big as a sports event in a stadium! Whatever the requirement, SHOUT! has the skill set and experience needed to really make those who attend your event stand in awe by using graphics that accentuate the ambiance, heightening the experience and create a hard-hitting impact for all that attend. Here at SHOUT!, we’ve got some great ideas for how you can use large format graphics to make any corporate event you’re planning stand out from the rest!

Focus on the Floor

At parties, the dance floor is the focus, yet at large corporate events, this is often not taken into account. It’s a strange approach given that people tend to look at the floor much more often than the ceiling! Transforming the floor from a plain vinyl or carpet design, into an exciting or even interactive pattern will definitely make your event that little bit more memorable for everyone that attends. You could try adding some large format branding material to the exhibition hall floor of where you’re hosting an event, or even get really creative and mark out where certain stands are situated for something different at the tradeshow you’re organizing!

Visualizing With Vinyl

Banners are essential to any corporate event. They hang down to a height that meets the line of sight for your guests, meaning they’re more likely to take notice of what they’re saying. They can also be used for a variety of purposes, including promoting your brand or giving instructions and directions.  In this sense, banners are a great way of directing the flow of people attending your event and for managing the crowd. SHOUT! offers top quality graphic vinyl banners that stand out, giving the message they want to portray top visibility. Furthermore, they’re made from high quality, durable vinyl meaning they can be used at both indoor and outdoor events, and are well protected from the elements!

Wonderful Wraps

Stamp your mark on the event by using customized graphics wraps! These are a great way to instill a sense of individuality into your event, and due to SHOUT!’s highly advanced technology, you can create a custom wrap for virtually any surface or object! So, whether you’re looking to create a wrap for the walls, the entrance hall, or for ornamental features, you can always count on the fact that SHOUT! will have you covered! Our specialist staff will help you with the graphics side of your event from start to finish so you can feel confident that you’re supported from start to finish.

When planning a large corporate event, it’s imperative that you have décor graphics that create an impact, heighten the experience for those that are attending, and leaves a lasting impression in the minds everyone’s mind! Whether you’re an experienced event planner or a first-timer, SHOUT! can provide you with top-quality expertise for planning and producing large format graphics. Contact us today to see how we can help you make your corporate event have the impact it deserves!

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