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Modern businesses are required to incorporate cross-platform marketing strategies that combine various digital and printed branding collateral. The phenomenon of the digital age has accelerated companies’ focus on digital marketing collateral such as websites, blogs, and social media as this interface allows them to interact with potential customers from all over the globe, 24 hours a day! But, this does not mean that printed branding collateral is obsolete, and in fact, closely connecting your digital collateral with effective, high-quality printed marketing material is a surefire way to create a strong, memorable and highly visible brand!

Looking Legit

Focusing solely on digital collateral can mean your business gets lost in the hugely oversaturated cyberworld. This can make it difficult to stand out, and also seem trustworthy and legitimate due to fears people have regarding scam artists and online crooks. Offering printed material such as brochures, leaflets or even just simple business cards really makes your business appear legitimate and more solid as it shows that your business has devoted time and money to a professional marketing strategy.

In Plain Sight

When surfing the web, potential customers are often looking for a specific product or service. This will often make your online branding material obsolete to that potential customer. However, printed media is a great way to grab the attention of potential customers without all the background noise we now see online. Having a brochure, leaflet or business card conveniently placed, or even a well-placed wall-wrap or billboard in plain sight will stick in the mind of that customer much more readily, reinforcing the image of your brand with the product or service it promotes!

The World Beyond

Believe it or not, there is actually a world beyond the internet! Many people, particularly of an older generation have not taken to the World Wide Web, which means that by putting all your eggs in the cyber basket, you’re potentially missing out on huge amounts of customer traffic. Bridging the gap with printed material will open your business up to new audiences, potentially increasing sales!

Include QR Codes

Although printed material is essential to a well-rounded, through brand and marketing strategy, it presents problems when it comes to conversion leads as traditional forms of responding to an advert such as phoning or response by mail seem so outdated and slow in this modern era. To get around this problem, clearly present QR codes, website, and social media addresses to make it easy and convenient for potential customers to interact with your business. This is a great example of where printed and digital collateral intersects, bring traditional marketing materials into the modern age with contemporary communication techniques!

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