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How to Message Your Target Audience via Direct Mailers

Communicating with your customers has never been more important. With small businesses adapting their services to stay afloat during the pandemic and with customers anxious about public health conditions, it’s important to find the most effective ways to share information.

Because of social distancing requirements, lots of people automatically think that digital communication is the best route to take. It’s true that digital consumption is up across all age groups. However, the flip side of that is your audience is also suffering from information overload. 

Their inboxes are full of updates from every business and organization they’ve ever come into contact with. Their social media streams are flooded with news updates. It’s never been easier to get lost in the noise. 

But if you think offline, you’ll stand out from your competitors. 

How can you create effective messaging that will speak to your target audience? Make sure you do these three things. 

Operational information 

You can’t drive sales if your target audience doesn’t know when and how you’re doing business. 

Businesses that have been able to remain open – unless they are offering essential services – have had to significantly shift their approach to customer service. We’ve seen waves of small businesses of all types move their businesses online. New practices have been implemented to keep customers and workers safe. 

So communicate this! The following information should be included on any type of direct mail:

  • Changes in hours of operation
  • Changes in locations
  • Availability of services online or virtually
  • No-contact pickup or delivery options
  • New or expanded health and safety practices

Not only does it share relevant operational information with your audience, but it also offers an opportunity to demonstrate that your business takes the public health implications of COVID-19 seriously. 

Direct mail is especially good for businesses in the foodservice industry, which has been especially hard hit by the pandemic. 

Grappling with closures, many restaurants have turned to pick-up and delivery and shifted their menu to limited offerings. For these businesses, direct mail is especially effective (and cost-effective) because it communicates information in a useable format – flyers, magnets, and postcards are all appealing and accessible for your audience.

restaurants direct mailChange in services

For providers of professional services, COVID-19 has required services to be recalibrated. From attorneys and CPAs to healthcare providers and therapists, professionals are evaluating not just how they’re offering services, but what type of services they’re extending in the first place.  

store direct mailIf your business is adapting your services to meet your audience’s needs, direct mail is a useful technique for sharing updates. And also, of course, for crafting the right messaging.

Needing to make a one-to-one connection with your customers in this difficult time? A traditional letter mailer can include a personalized letter along with business cards or flyers. Hoping to escape being cast off into the junk pile? A well-designed dimensional mailer can appeal to both form and function. 

Sales and promotions 

Offers are the name of the game when it comes to generating interest through direct mailers. By focusing your mailing on a special offer, you give your audience something to respond to. Your offer should be something of value, but whatever that is, you need to make sure you clearly explain what it is and how it will benefit the recipient. 

Appealing offers might include:

  • Call for a free consultation
  • Free appetizer with the purchase of two entrees 
  • Free delivery with purchase of more than $50
  • And any form of BOGO

When developing your offer, always consider the audience’s perspective – what do they need right now and how can you help them? You’ve likely done this in the course of shifting your business over the last few months, but make sure it comes through in your messaging. 

A few caveats for businesses looking at direct mail options during the pandemic. 

  • Every mailer should include a strong call-to-action, regardless of any other elements
  • You should carefully segment your audience so you keep your messaging targeted and appropriate. 
  • Keep in mind where your direct mailers are going. If you offer B2B services or supplies, direct mail may not be for you since many offices and places of business are closed at this time. 

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