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Get people to notice your business while on the road

We’re a country of drivers. On average, Americans spend nearly an hour a day driving, according to AAA. On average, we log 118,000 miles a year in our cars and collectively spend 70 billion hours a year behind the wheel. (Really!) 

One of the maxims of marketing is to meet people where they are at. Clearly, they’re in their cars. 

In years past, we put up billboards and painted ads on the sides of buildings. But why limit your marketing dollars to one place? There are lots of options for promoting your business in a mobile way.

Bumper stickers and magnets

Stickers enjoy ongoing popularity, even with the rise of digital marketing. Everyone loves a sticker. 

Bumper stickers come in all colors, shapes, and sizes and are a blank canvas for your branding. Plus they’re also extremely affordable, which makes them easy to hand out freely whether you’re at a tradeshow or just at your storefront register. 

A step up from bumper stickers are magnets. These offer just as much marketing opportunity but are great for your fans who want to share their love for your business – but don’t want to risk their car’s paint job. Magnets have a slightly higher price point, but they also have a longer lifespan. 

Either way, these mobile promos are fantastic ideas when you want to stick to a budget but see wide distribution. Don’t underestimate customer advocacy. Recent studies show that 90% of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know.

Vehicle and window wraps 

Is a work vehicle part of your business? If you want to make a big splash, a popular option to consider is the vehicle wrap. Vehicle wraps are eye-catching – studies show that wrapped vehicle can make up to 70,000 impressions every day

People respond well to them too. The American Trucking Association reported that 91% of people surveyed notice vehicle graphics and felt positive about them.

Love the idea of decking out your work vehicle but aren’t quite ready to invest in a vehicle wrap? A window cling can be an entryway into vehicle marketing. Window clings are affordable, attractive, and easy to switch out for multiple sets of messaging. 

For such an impactful marketing resource, wraps are affordable and long-lasting too, making them a solid investment.

Tips for successful on-the-go advertising

Whether you choose giveaways like bumper stickers and magnets or are looking to up the marketing value of your own vehicle with a full wrap, make sure you approach the project thoughtfully. Any product you put together should include the following:

  • Your company’s brand elements. This can include brand colors, fonts, logos, or brand graphics
  • Strong messaging: Whether an inspiring call-to-action or simply your company’s tagline
  • Your contact information

Try to make impressions from your roadside marketing trackable with a unique landing page or phone number. This will help you assess the effectiveness of your campaign.

Being cost-effective is always important for any company’s budget, the power of advertising to people while they’re driving is clear. Take advantage by using full-color wraps and other methods to catch their attention – and their business!

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