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The Modern Rules for Print Marketing Success

We’re living in a digital age, but that doesn’t mean print marketing has gone the way of floppy discs. Unlike digital content that is quickly scrolled through, print material is consumed more slowly and stays with the reader longer. It’s a useful tactic in your marketing strategy. To get the best results from your efforts, follow these four rules for print marketing success.

Know your audience

The golden rule of all marketing applies just as much in print as it does in digital – know who you are talking to. In print marketing, it requires knowing points of contact with your audience, what kinds of materials would engage them, and how they might respond. This information will help you make informed decisions about what kind of print materials will benefit your company. 

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Make it easy to read

Just like you want your website to be easy to skim for information, make sure to design your print materials for easy use. Choose your design, fonts, and graphics for maximum user experience. A consistent use of headings, bullet points, and other formatting conventions will also help your print materials succeed. Don’t forget to keep the words short and sweet too!

Pay attention to your brand

Print marketing requires a careful and attentive eye to make sure your brand standards are met in the final product. Colors may not look the same in print depending on the printer used. Photos require a higher resolution than the web. To make sure your brand puts its best face forward, work closely with your designer and printer to get the best results.

print marketingCross the streams

It worked in Ghostbusters, and it works in marketing. You absolutely want to cross your digital and print marketing streams. Always make sure to give your print audience directions to your digital presence, and vice versa. This will provide an opportunity to create interest and build a relationship with potential clients.

Pro-tip: Take extra care to check information is consistent (and correct!) across all your digital channels and your print materials.

Deliver to your audience

Understanding your audience is relevant here, too. Take the time to analyze where your target audiences might be most likely to see your print marketing. Now that you’ve made beautiful new print materials, don’t let them linger in your office. Whether it’s at a doctor’s office, a trade show, or through a mail marketing campaign, make sure to distribute them on time and consistently; an unstocked brochure holder is no one’s friend. 

Print marketing has its own challenges, but it still offers companies essential opportunities. By knowing your audience and paying close attention to design and content, you’ll provide an effective tactic to help you achieve your marketing goals.


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