3 Print Marketing Tools Your Sales Team Needs to Close More Deals

To turn leads into clients, increase revenue and drive new business you need to provide your sales team with the right tools to seal the deal. A website and digital presence will help bring business to your door, but to get them to actually become a client tangible print pieces can go a long way toward making a prospect a client. Help support your sales team by providing them with all the print materials they need to guide a potential customer through the sales cycle.

Sales Support = Success

Marketing is the first step in creating an interest in your service or product, but it’s often left to the sales team to identify pain points, educate on how they can help and finalize the deal. Ranging from days to weeks to months, a sales cycle can be sped up by using the right print pieces. Not only will it help move the process along, but it can also cut down on the amount of time a salesperson spends with each individual meaning there’s more time to track down more leads and convert them into paying customers.

To cultivate a successful sales team, provide them with everything they need to keep the process moving along including:


Use brochures to show the big picture of your services and offerings along with the types of problems you can solve. It can be helpful to have a different brochure for each buyer persona or avatar, tailored to what their biggest obstacles and issues are. This custom, segmented approach means as a potential client reads the brochure they’ll likely be saying as they go along “hey, that’s me!”.

One Sheets

If you have multiple services or products consider using one sheets. Think of them as a snapshot of a particular section of your business. They’re not meant to summarize everything you offer but rather focus on a single, targeted product with the right messaging to spark interest.

Presentation Folders and Case Studies

When you want to create an impact, opt for a branded presentation folder. It’s much more likely your information is going to be kept when it’s neatly packaged. It also looks much more professional to hand over a well-designed kit rather than a stack of papers.

To really make an impact, add case studies to your presentation folders. A study by CMI and Marketing Profs showed over 70% of people found them very convincing and effective. Proof of how you’ve helped others in the past will have a strong influence on someone’s belief in the company’s capabilities.

Business Cards

We know we said three items and this is likely a 101 for most sales teams but we couldn’t not include this critical must-have! Whether your team is out at a networking event, giving a pitch at a potential client’s office or just out getting lunch they should always have plenty of business cards on hand. Make it easy for someone who is interested in your services to get in touch and ask questions.

Close the deal with print

Print marketing has a different dynamic than digital, creating a medium that conveys trust, reliability and the answer to a lead’s problems. By using specific pieces designed to lead a prospect through the sales funnel you’ll be making the job easier for the sales team while making it more likely you’ll get their business. The resulting higher profits make supporting your sales team with print materials well worth the investment.

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