Promotional Products

Steal the Trade Show with these 10 Must Have Promotional Products

Trade shows are a fantastic way to increase public exposure to your brand, they not only enable you to get your business’ name out there they also ensure that all important face-to-face time with hundreds of potential clients. An important addition – if not THE most important addition you can have at your stand are promotional products. Promotional products are the perfect way to really attract some positive interest and attention to your brand, after all, who doesn’t love a freebie?

Having some interesting, eye-catching giveaways will definitely increase the foot-traffic you receive at your stand. However, whilst trying to remain unique amongst all the other stalls at the show, one thing is for certain, practical items present the highest value to your clients. What are these high-value items we speak of? These are the items that a potential client can use time and time again in their everyday life; items they will keep for years and be used and seen by individuals who never even set foot in the trade show! – It is this type of long-term branding is the pinnacle of smart-marketing today.

Here are some proven promotional  MUST HAVES that you need at your stall to guarantee exposure for your brand!

Tote Bags

Bags offer a nice big canvas for your brand logo to be plastered across, whilst the trade show-goer wanders around so too does your logo… without you having to move from your spot! Added bonuses include the long-term use of the bag following the trade show, people will use these as reusable shopping, gym or beach bags, so your logo continues to shout out your brand anywhere and everywhere!

Reusable Water Bottle and Mugs

Perfect for immediate use within the trade show and out! Reusable bottles can be carried around simply and easily by everyone. Highlighting them as reusable will also promote an eco-friendly image for your brand. Throwing a mug into the mix will cover both grounds as the mugs can be used in the client’s office and get your name out there, meanwhile the water bottle follows them outdoors.

Smart Wallet

With today’s smart-era, everyone is looking for even the smallest of trinkets that can be of convenience to them. Smartphones are in abundance, everybody has one, and often where the phone is – the bank cards and notes are surely not far off. That’s where Smart Wallets are a nifty little addition that will guarantee visits from eager attendees for your cleverly branded smart phone wallets! This idea is an excellent way to promote and display your brand logo as the individual uses their phone.

USB and Phone Chargers

Similar to number 3; the majority of our everyday life is digitized in some way or form. Keeping these electronics powered up and carrying/protecting our information is a MUST. Therefore, a nice way to use this to your advantage is to provide USB’s and phone chargers with your logo on. Another absolute guaranteed crowd gatherer!

Vent Scent

Nice, subtle and pleasantly-smelling! Offer some simple car smellies for clients to use in their vehicle. This will keep all the passengers happy and also keep that car smelling as fresh as that nicely placed logo!

Hand Sanitizer

With more and more of us becoming increasingly health conscious, pocket hand sanitizers are always a winner with the crowd. Add these to your printed promotional giveaways and they will help to combat those germs as well as that competition.

Stress Balls

With all the day-to-day hustle and bustle, sometimes things can get a bit stressful! Branded stress balls are a fun way for potential clients to alleviate some stress whilst at their office desk or on the go. All the while the stress ball continues to communicate your brand!


Everybody loves keyrings! Particularly if they have an added uses to them. Create your own shape and design of keyring reflecting your logo. Add an LED light to them, a small alarm noise, maybe a coin shape for shopping trolleys, or even a key-stand chain to prop up their phone whilst they watch videos!

Desk Accessories

These accessories are the subtle warriors of the marketing world, secretly infiltrating the office and home and spreading your message. People love, love, LOVE desk accessories! They are both super useful and quite often can brighten up the desk. Consider placing your brand logo on items such as rulers, pens, calculators, sticky notes, mouse mats, etc. These items are brilliant for long-term advertizing and will be noticed, used (and maybe even “borrowed”) by fellow work colleagues!

T-shirt and Hats

Another immediate-use item, clothing freebies are always a popular item amongst trade show goers. They will be most likely with the individual for EONS after the trade show has finished and can be used as loungewear, workout clothes or simply as memorabilia. Brand placement on t-shirts and larger clothing provides another nice sized canvas to be really creative with your advertizing of your brand’s logo!