A Recipe for Success! How to Increase Traffic and Drive Conversions for a Successful 2018!

The main challenge for small business owners in 2017 was generating leads and traffic. Small businesses tend to struggle when adapting to the rapidly changing digital environment which dictates so much customer traffic and conversion. This is often due to a lack of funds which are needed to support a fully equipped digital marketing team, an advantage that larger corporations have over smaller businesses. However, there are still small businesses out there that have made 2017 a successful year! How did they do this? And what advice should you follow to ensure your 2018 is just as successful? Here at SHOUT! we’ve come up with some suggestions to help your small business have a successful year!

Quantity vs. Quality

Small businesses with successful customer conversion rates in 2017 reported focusing on ensuring their material was of high quality, rather than just increasing the volume of marketing material they put out. A focus on quality is paramount if your business is to do well. Ensure your call to action includes more than just “visit us online” or “call today”. A true call to action should be compelling and should not be able to be ignored. Finding the balance between quality and quantity is important. Bombarding your target audience with cheap, simple marketing material will get you nowhere, but designing an ingenious marketing campaign that nobody sees in equally detrimental. Be clever and find the perfect balance between quantity and quality for your business!

Bring Social Media to Your Printed Content

Online media and printed content do not have to be completely separate areas. Many successful businesses in 2017 added all of their social media addresses, details, hashtag and more to their printed media, allowing their customers to make the link between their printed and online presences. This is an important and useful tactic as it highlights the multiple platforms on which your business operates, increasing traffic and therefore potential conversions.

Follow Your Follow-up Framework!

Every business should have a follow-up framework, converting customer traffic into conversions. Businesses who did well in 2017 tended to have very sound follow-up frameworks that were strictly followed. For small businesses, this tactic is even more important because marketing campaigns can often be expensive, and a follow-up framework maximizes the value for money you get from your marketing strategy! Not only does following up on inquiries increase the chance of conversion by reminding potential customers of their interest, but it also opens a dialogue between the company and the customer, forming a relationship that can lead to a conversion.

Generating solid leads and traffic, and driving conversions will continue to be a challenge for small businesses in 2018. The online presence of large corporations, the increased use of data analysis tools, and the need to do more to convert potential customers will put pressure on small businesses when competing in this tough modern market. However, following the simple suggestions above will put your business in the best position to succeed, and will hopefully see you have a flourishing and fruitful 2018!

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