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social distancing signage

Signage for Social Distancing

Business owners with physical shops have taken on a big challenge during the pandemic – keeping their operations going while following stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines. Non-essential businesses moved their services online, offering customers virtual services and online retail shops with lightning speed. Essential services like food services, pharmacies, and grocery stores have adjusted their operations for everyone’s safety.

Signage plays a big role in helping businesses share this new, but vital, information. After all, we’ve all had to get used to new policies and procedures. Help your customers feel a little bit safer and a little more secure by communicating clearly through signage.

Essential businesses

Essential businesses are trying to protect the health of both customers and employees during the pandemic. To do this, they take social distancing measures seriously. Signage lets them share what customers need to do while in the store to stay safe. Make sure you have signage that covers the following points.

Social distancing requirements

Social distancing can be difficult in general – who knows what 6 feet looks like off the top of their head? Stores are helping customers keep the appropriate distance while shopping by using signage to share what people need to do.

  • Store policies, including requirements for wearing masks, keep a distance from others, handling items, and store capacity limitations, should be clearly posted with visible signs at the entrance and at key points throughout the store.
  • Social distancing markers should be installed at places where customers bottleneck such as the entrance, counters, and main displays. Signage is important, but also consider floor wraps for an easy visual reference on six 6 feet looks like.

Safety measures

Your customers want – and need – to know what you’re doing to keep them safe. Use clearly visible signage to let them know the health measures that you and your staff are employing. Information about health screenings, sanitizing procedures, and mask policies are all things your customers should be aware of.

Likewise, make sure to include customer health requirements. While few places require health screenings, your signage should encourage customers who feel unwell to stay home – and instructions on how to get contactless service.

social distance sign at storeService instructions and options

COVID-19 has changed how businesses operate. Grocery and home supply stores have limited their hours, created special blocks of time for high-risk customers, and lowered store capacity to prevent overcrowding.

Restaurants that have stayed in business have switched entirely to takeout and delivery – at least until restrictions ease – and menus have streamlined. Many restaurants heavily promote contactless curbside pickup to help reduce foot traffic inside the restaurant to create a safer environment for their workers.

All of this information is important to share through signage at the exteriors. Window wraps can be used to create a polished look but printed, branded signage may be a more affordable option for businesses whose hours and policies may shift multiple times over the next few months.

Non-essential businesses

Messages of community support

A little community pride right now is the endorphin boost we all need. Stores across the country are using their window space to create outstanding artistic displays that boost morale. Thanking first responders and essential workers for their bravery. Sharing hope for a healthy community.

The artistry is impressive, but you don’t have to limit yourself to hand-drawn images. Window wraps are affordable, just as creative as murals, and help generate positive customer feelings. (Essential businesses, you can do this, too!)

Alternative services

Speaking of creativity, non-essential businesses have found lots of ways to keep their operations going during COVID-19. Tens of thousands of people learned how to set up eCommerce sites and reinvigorated their marketing plans to generate online sales.

While digital services mean digital information sharing, don’t overlook signage for your business. After all, you’re still paying rent there – make use of those windows!

You should address how your business is currently operating and how customers can access their services. Signage could include:

  • Website and social media where customers can find their online shop
  • Options for ordering and receiving services
  • What can be ordered through your site?
  • How can customers receive it – delivery? Curbside pickup?
  • Safety precautions being taken by staff for orders and services
  • Options for other ways to support business, like purchasing gift cards

Even while people are social distancing, you can do things to make your business stand out and to share information with customers. To learn more about how SHOUT! can help you design a COVID-19 signage plan, get in touch today!

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