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Three Ways Make Your Wedding Stand Out

2020 may have rained on your wedding day parade, but look: it’s a whole new year! There are lots of reasons to be optimistic and excited for what the year brings. That includes getting excited about your wedding. 

Whether you put yours on hold, want a re-do, or perhaps just got engaged (!!), now is the time to plan a wedding that will stand out. Among the ways to do that? Incorporating features that add both style and function to your big day. 

Here are three options that we think fit the bill perfectly. 

Note: These ideas aren’t limited to weddings. Family reunions, graduation parties, milestone birthday bashes, retirement shindigs, or baby showers are great opportunities to add a little something extra to your event decor. 

Acrylic Name Cutouts

It’s your big day! (And your betrothed’s, of course!) So don’t be shy about it. 

Add a bit of magic to your space with this on-trend decor. If your name doesn’t seem too on-the-nose for the event, but you like the look, consider using a favorite phrase or quote instead – your wedding date, where you met, whatever has the most meaning for you. It’s your day, so get creative making it your own! 

After all, acrylic is a flexible medium to work with. (Well, not literally. It’s actually very sturdy!) You can go big or small. One lux idea for your guests? Use miniature acrylic name cutouts as place cards for their assigned seats. These make finding seating easier, yes, but they also make for an eye-catching wedding favor as well. 

Acrylic Menus

Your guests are excited to see you tie the knot, but let’s be honest. After a year of eating either at home or getting takeout, they’re probably pretty excited to eat a celebratory meal with loved ones. 

So make your menu something to celebrate, as well. Acrylic menus are a modern way to do that. Go small with table topper menus or big with a life-size menu right by the buffet line. Don’t limit it to food, either. If you’re offering an open bar at your wedding, spare your guests the effort of grilling the bartender about what’s available—add a drink list, complete with your custom wedding cocktail, at the bar. 

Seating Charts

We love the idea of big acrylic seating charts. Why? For one, it serves an important purpose in pandemic era weddings. Social distancing isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future, and using assigned seating lets you safely accommodate your guests. 

But assigned seating and social distancing don’t feel quite as celebratory—unless you add some style to them!

Acrylic seating charts can be done on any scale—depending on the look you’re going for, you can do one big one or several smaller ones—and matching them to your wedding theme is a breeze. (Even in color—acrylic isn’t just see-through!)

Want to tie the whole thing together? Add acrylic place cards at each seat. This helpful touch allows people to find their place quickly and can give your guests a little keepsake to take away from the event. 

The prospect of more ‘normal’ wedding seasons this year and those to come has everyone excited. Everyone is anxious to celebrate life’s big moments together again finally. So when it comes to your big day, make sure it stands out. 

Looking for some help with that? We’d love to talk to you.

Contact Shout for ideas on incorporating acrylic name cutouts, menus, seating charts, and more for your wedding. Take a look at our Etsy shop to get some inspo and to place your custom orders today! 


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