Top 4 Unexpected Trends for Weddings in 2021

Smaller guest list—check. Extensive health precautions—check. Customized face masks for guests—check and check. 

Like pretty much everything in 2020, weddings were thrown for a major loop last year. Wedding planners, vendors, and soon-to-be-wedded couples had to scramble to make things work in a generation-defining public health crisis. 

It was hard. So, it’s not surprising that we’re all looking for a fresh start in the 2021 wedding season. What exactly does that look like, though? 

It may look quite different from what you’d expect. Here are our top five trends for weddings in 2021!

Married on Monday

Historically, weddings have been held on weekends because, well, everyone’s got a day job. But in our new work-from-home, work-from-wherever world, this is much less of a concern. Many people can now step out for a few days of away time—without actually leaving work behind. 

So who says weddings HAVE to be on the weekends anymore? Really, there are so many good reasons to get married on a weekday. 

  1. Less competition for in-demand vendors and wedding sites, meaning you might just snag that top-tier caterer who is otherwise booked up through 2022.
  2. Less expensive. During the week, vendors and sites often offer lower costs for some services and products. 
  3. Less rush. If you plan your wedding for a Tuesday afternoon, it’s unlikely you’re going to be bookended by other weddings. That means more time on-site to get ready and to pack out. Score!
  4. Less busy travel and accommodations. Again, weekends are peak travel time. Planning for off-peak ceremonies and receptions will make travel easier and safer for guests. 

Make it special: Getting married on a weekday is still a bit of a novelty. Use themed posters and banners to play it up. Helpful directional signage is also a nice touch. (There may be less staffing on weekdays, so give your guests a bit of extra help.)

Assigned Seating is Here to Stay

If assigned seating calls to mind your third-grade classroom, you’re not alone. But really, it’s been useful in larger weddings for some time now. It helps make sure that family members get places of honor during the ceremony and that guests are all accommodated and comfortable for the reception. 

Assigned seating has taken a more significant role in weddings since Covid-19 began. It allows for a higher degree of safety by creating pod-based seating. Even then, keep tables small—think groups no larger than six. 

Make it special: Consider floor wraps as a way to designate assigned seating areas! And if extra precautions are needed, consider adding plexiglass screens to provide further safety for your guests.

Celebrate with Us Packages

It’s NOT surprising that weddings are going to be smaller for the foreseeable future. Or that Zoom will continue to play a role in sharing your special moment with friends and family. 

But, just because all of your loved ones can’t be there doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten about them. Show them how much you wish they were there with a wedding celebration care package. Include a wedding cake for one, a tiny bottle of bubbly, and, of course, your wedding favors. 

Make it special: Your guests wish they were there with you, so make sure to include a local specialty in your package like scented candles from your favorite shop, coffee from a famed local roastery, or some small consumable that evokes your wedding theme.

The Big Day: Part II

As public health restrictions ease up across parts of the country, many people are looking for do-overs for the big events they had to scale back on in 2020. Depending on your potential guest list, safety requirements, and budget, going really, REALLY big for your (second) big day might be right up your alley. 

Make it special: Even if indoor events are restricted, outdoor events can be made big and festive. Even in a wide-open field, you can still put down a custom dance floor, hire a band, and dance the night away.  

Ready to brainstorm for your big day? We’d love to talk with you about incorporating unexpected elements, along with our specialty – floor wraps, into your wedding. Contact us to get started.

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