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Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, people have looked for new ways to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, and more. One solution has been coordinating small events with careful health protocols put in place. 

These small events have a different vibe than the big blowout parties that we’ve enjoyed in the past, but they’re no less meaningful. No matter whether you’re booking a community gym for your wedding or planning an outdoor baby shower, it’s possible to still get the style you want from your event. 

Stylish Safety

When socially distancing events, the goal should be to facilitate six feet of distance between guests, particularly those outside of the same household. This can be done in several ways. 

Room Dividers

How do you make spaces inviting, cozy, and just the right size for social distancing? Room dividers are going to be a key element for events in the COVID-19 era. 

Why? They separate spaces, keep people where you want and/or need them to be, all while adding a dash of style when you incorporate event colors, logos, and graphics. Wall wraps work particular well for creating a striking visual element for an event. 

Worried that a room divider might create traffic jams and increase the risk of transmission? You can also incorporate signage to encourage people to move about and keep six feet apart. 

Floor Graphics

No matter what size your event is, it’s those little touches that make it all your own. If you’re decorating a smaller space, you have the added benefit of being able to pull in the area with a focal point. A floor wrap designed to fit your theme, spell out initials, or highlight the special occasion can make any event feel finished, even if you had to adjust your original plan.

Take it a step further with the custom wall wraps we mentioned above, creating a truly unique experience for your (limited) guests. 

floor wrapPlexiglass Table Dividers

Room dividers work well for separating spaces that people will move around in, but what about spaces where people are sitting down for periods of time? Plexiglass table dividers at tables where people might sit to eat, talk, or work together tables can help reduce transmission. 

While it’s important to keep the plexiglass transparent so people can see each other, you can always add graphic flourishes to make them attractive. Go the extra mile and coordinate the table dividers with the other table decor! 

Branded Pillows

Speaking of sitting, common spaces like lounges are, well, common at all kinds of events, from networking cocktail hours to weddings. These areas can get crowded easily. 

However, you can support social distancing by putting out branded pillows to discourage people from getting too close in a space. Include brand colors, logos, or graphics along with text that encourages social distancing. 

If pillows seem off-brand for your event or if you’re planning for a seated audience, a good alternative is branded seat covers with similar messaging. 

Signs for Safety

Signage is an important element of any event, but it’s even more important in the COVID-19 era, especially if you’re hosting larger events. Special attention should be paid to signs that:

  • Communicate safety protocols at the entrance
  • Encourage social distancing throughout the event
  • Direct people to handwashing or sanitizing stations
  • Highlight event traffic flow requirements

small event

Provide Protection for Everyone (PPE)

Branded PPE is a big part of corporate event planning. It gives you the opportunity to offer branded swag that keeps people safe AND showcases your event branding. (Not a bad combination!) Even if people arrive with their own PPE, it communicates that you’re taking COVID-19 and mask protocols seriously. 

Branded PPE works for smaller, more intimate events like weddings, as well. Add a monogrammed face mask into everyone’s gift bag and bring a smile to their face. (Even if you won’t be able to see it.)

Heath Comes First

Having a safe, socially distanced event goes beyond style considerations. Much of the United States is grappling with the third wave of coronavirus infections. Make sure you check with your local and state health departments for guidance on safety precautions. You should evaluate your plans for:

  • Recommended crowd size
  • Approved activities 
  • Duration of events
  • Restrictions on vendors

While citing your local health department doesn’t sound very snazzy, you can add some flair to sharing safety information with guests. Work safety recommendations into your event announcements, invitations, emails, however, you are communicating with guests. 

If you have an upcoming event and you want to incorporate style and social distancing, you have lots of options. Contact our team at SHOUT to learn more about how we can help you. 

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