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Using Fleet Wraps to Compete with the Big Guys

Using fleet wraps can be a game-changer, transforming your business’ perception from local to “able to handle anything, anywhere”. Relatively inexpensive in comparison to other marketing methods and much more effective, adding a wrap to your work vehicles and trucks can level the playing field between you and your biggest competitors. No matter what size your company is using a fleet graphic means potential clients get the impression you’re large enough to handle their needs.

Impressions Matter

The public’s idea of what your business is directly impacts your sales and profits. It’s important to put your best foot forward and show them what your company can do for them. To do that, focus on striking a professional, capable image as part of your branding experience.

For example, let’s say you have a magnet with your company logo on your truck. Most people will see the location you’re based out of if listed, and if they’re slightly outside of it likely won’t consider reaching out based on what they think is the area you can service. With a fleet wrap, a new client is going to think you can handle a much wider geographic region and won’t hesitate to call even though they’re not right down the road, giving you a much wider area to draw sales from.

Showcase Professionalism

One of the main reasons consumers tend to go with a larger company is because of the trust factor. More staff and a bigger footprint are often viewed as a sign of success and most companies don’t become successful by doing a bad job. In an effort to get the best possible service or product, many people rely on what they call “social proof” – counting on the past experiences of others to make their decision.

Fleet graphics are a great way to build instant trust in your brand, providing a professional, successful impression to everyone who sees it. Even if you only have one wrap, people don’t expect to see multiple vehicles from the same company on the road next to one another. They anticipate they’re spread out working on different projects, so it only takes one wrap to make someone think you’re a large company.

Staying Local While Appearing Big

Using fleet wraps doesn’t have to get rid of that local, one of a kind customer experience you’ve developed. As long as you’re continuing to deliver the same quality service and support, then clients will still feel as though they have a neighborhood company to rely on.

Lots of companies can take this approach, growing their business while appealing to those who want to use a more local company including:

  • Dry cleaners
  • Lawn care services
  • Construction and contractors
  • Pet care services
  • Repair companies, such as HVAC and heat
  • Delivery companies
  • Restaurants and shops that deliver

Big Marketing on a Small Budget

Your marketing budget doesn’t have to be huge to take advantage of the benefits of a vehicle wrap. Take a note from the Los Angeles Opera, who used vehicle wraps and sent their fleet on the road 16-20 hours a day, 7 days a week, to create a cost-effective marketing campaign. A billboard advertisement would have cost them four times as much for the same exposure!

While some companies spend thousands a month on marketing, that’s often not an option for many small and medium businesses. Based on cost per impression, vehicle wraps create a way for you to compete without breaking the bank.

Level the Playing Field

You can get the same trust and attention as the bigger companies by using fleet wraps. Whether you have 1 truck or 15, using custom graphics captures the attention of potential customers while putting you on the same level as much larger businesses. If you’re looking to boost sales in a cost-effective way, fleet wraps are the answer.

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