Vehicle Wraps: Marketing During a Pandemic 

Options for low-risk, in-person marketing went down dramatically in March 2020. Even when practicing safety measures like wearing masks, keeping six feet of distance, and washing your hands, the risk for transmitting COVID-19 isn’t zero. 

But while people might not be going into stores as often, they’re still leaving the house for walks. They’re going to pick up groceries and run essential errands. They’re going on recreational drives to escape the monotony of their homes.  

That’s why, despite the ups and downs of this year for marketing, vehicle wraps are an incredibly valuable marketing tool for businesses.

Why use vehicle wraps

24/7 branding

Your brand is important. It represents who you are, and it’s what people associate with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small mom-and-pop store or a Fortune 500 company. A vehicle wrap can incorporate logos, brand colors, custom graphics, contact information, calls-to-action, all of the pieces of your branding that you look for in marketing projects.

Box Truck Vehicle WrapGet attention

If you’re out and about every day in your business vehicle, you drive past a lot of people. But do you know how many people notice you? You’d be surprised at the numbers: business vehicles can get between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions a day depending on their routes and service areas. 

That’s a lot of impressions, no matter who you are, and far outpaces what you’d get from your email list or a PPC campaign. 

Consumer credibility

When you have to choose between a well-wrapped present or a plain box, which one does your eye gravitate towards?

The one with the better presentation! Through presentation, you can communicate with your customers, and one of the things you are showing them is that you take pride in your business and the services you provide. In turn, this builds consumer confidence. 

Return On Investment

Whenever you’re evaluating marketing options, you always want to consider your ROI. You can’t beat vehicle wraps for this metric! Vehicle wraps are affordable, ranging in cost from $2,000-$10,000 depending on size and design—however, the benefits last well beyond the initial investment.

As noted, vehicle wraps generate massive impressions. Car wraps offer the lowest cost per impression at less than $44 per million impressions. Even better, the cost per impression is impressively low and, unlike with traditional advertising methods, since you own the media, once you’ve paid for the wrap, you’re done – a huge benefit for smaller businesses.

ROI vehicle wraps

Trackable ROI

Let’s talk a little bit about ROI. Even if vehicle wraps sound like a great idea, many businesses face budget crunches right now. The last thing you want to do is invest in a marketing project with a difficult-to-assess ROI. Thankfully, vehicle wraps don’t fall into that category. There are lots of ways to track how effective your wrap is.

Use a dedicated phone number

Putting a dedicated wrap phone number on your design makes it easy to track where calls are coming from. It’s not hard to set up — use a service like Call Tracking Metrics, Convirza or CallRail for trackable phone numbers that forward to your existing phone number. It looks the same as calling your direct business line to your callers, but you’ll know how many leads you’re getting from your vehicle graphic.  

Promo codes

Your customers love promo codes, and so should you. They offer an easy way to track incoming leads from your wrap. You can incorporate one of your ongoing promotions, like a 25% discount for new clients, but include mentioning promo code “VEHICLE.”  New clients will be excited to get a deal; you’ll be excited to know how they found out about you.

Increase in overall clients/sales

If you and your team don’t mind doing a little old fashioned sleuthing, you can also look at the number of new clients and sales over the period of time since you added a vehicle wrap. Compare to previous sales periods and determine the percentage change. Make sure, though, to adjust for variations in sales due to the pandemic. 

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