What Your Dance Floor Says About You

Weddings and events are full of so many tiny details that help bring your vision to life. Chances are you aren’t the first person to get married at your venue, and you most likely won’t be the last, so it’s essential to create a unique experience that you and your significant other, along with your family and friends, will remember for years to come. That starts with transforming your reception space from floor to ceiling.

Couples are usually familiar with picking out elements like flowers, centerpieces, food and linens, so sometimes it’s easy to forget the floor when it comes to top to bottom transformations. To us, an unwrapped dance floor is just naked. After dinner is served and the speeches have been spoken, the dance floor is the focal point of the event.

There’s no denying that a naked dance floor is still function. Your guests will have no problem breaking it down and dancing the night away without a custom dance floor wrap. But a floor graphic of any kind is guaranteed to up the ‘wow’ factor at your special event. Wrapping your dance floor with custom graphics isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity.

So what does your dance floor say about you?

A Custom Monogram Dance Floor

Getting your dance floor wrapped with a stylish monogram in the center is a trendy choice. It adds to the theme of your big day and helps to complete the overall aesthetic of the room. When you customize the colors or the font to match your florals and signage, you transport your guests into a magical world that’s unique to you and your significant other on your special day. A monogrammed dance floor wrap is stunning and classy and so too will be your event.

A Full-Print Dance Floor

For a full floor to ceiling transformation, a full-print dance floor wrap is the only answer. From intricate patterns to subtle designs, this is a surefire way to elevate your event to the next level. Each dance floor wrap we install is completely customized for your event, so that means your full-print design will be a unique focal point for all of your guests to enjoy. Coordinating your dance floor to match the rest of the details specially planned for your wedding or event will convince your family and friends that you’ve truly thought of everything.

An All-White Dance Floor

Nothing screams classy and elegant quite like an all-white dance floor. It will brighten up any space and make your reception feel like a dream come true. While naked dance floors are usually a natural wood shade, you can help your dance floor blend in with the rest of the carefully chosen decor with ease. The all-white design creates the perfect backdrop for dancing the night away in style, and it still elevates the overall vibe of your reception to elegant levels.

A Colorful Dance Floor

Color adds depth and dimension to any event. So wrapping your dance floor with colorful graphics will spice up your party space. You can go as intricate and vibrant as you want to convey the spirit of your event. From bright floral designs to stunning paisley patterns, your dance floor will be beckoning your guests to come dance. They might not have thought much about dance floors before your event, but after stepping out on your colorful dance floor wrap, they’ll never forget it.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom dance floor wraps. Just like no two weddings are the same, neither are our custom floor graphics. Contact the SHOUT! team today to find out which floor wrap is perfect for your wedding or event. Our expert team of designers and installers are ready to help create the party of your dreams.

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