With the festive season approaching, it’s time to start planning that all-important company party!

With summer coming to a close and the onset of fall, it’s the beginning of the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Hanukah, and eventually Christmas, will be with us in no time, so it’s a good idea to start planning your holiday parties NOW to ensure everything runs smoothly and you avoid any organizational stress at this festive time of the year! Holiday parties offer more than just occasions for your employees to let their hair down, they’re also great opportunities to strengthen the rapport between the personnel and the company – and in doing so, solidifying your business’s all-important core culture. Opportunities for internal branding are often overlooked by companies, but don’t fall into this trap by letting these opportunities pass you by! At SHOUT!, we offer a range of classic and innovative graphic design solutions that will bring your company’s brand to the party, literally!

Brand Your Tent

Big events call for grand designs, and there’s no bigger canvas than that of a marquee tent! If you’re planning a holiday party in a tent, no matter what size, SHOUT! can provide you with a full custom tent graphic wrap that screams your company’s brand and makes all those invited to the party feel welcome. Internal branding at company events is an important part of any branding strategy, and by having the event space sending out great party vibes under your company’s logo, you will well and truly reinforce your company’s core culture.

Lose Yourself to Dance

Every party needs a dance floor, and if your employees are down to boogie, we hope they’ll spend the whole night up on their feet! With this in mind, what better place is there than the dance floor itself to integrate your company’s brand or logo?! SHOUT! provides high-quality dance floor graphics that are scuff and mark resistant so no matter what shapes are thrown, your company’s brand will still be standing out loud and proud at the end of the night.

Pimp Your Furnishings!

When your employees are not strutting their stuff on the dance floor, they’re probably going to want a nice place to hang out, relax, and have some downtime with their colleagues. This space is full of opportunities to integrate your company’s brand into the surroundings, helping your employees associate the fun, relaxing experience with the culture of the business. Using printed wraps for furnishings such as sofas, tables and of course the centerpiece – the bar, is a sure-fire way to get your employees excited about working for your company and to reinforce that all-important core culture!

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to reinforce your company’s core culture and philosophy by bringing your employees together under one roof and giving them some downtime. While this is the most important aspect of any company event, it’s also a prime opportunity to reacquaint your employees with the company brand after a long summer and just in time for the big push over the festive season. SHOUT! can provide you with all that’s needed to push your internal branding strategy at your next internal company event in a stylish and non-invasive way. This will allow your employees to enjoy themselves while subtly immersing them in the branding material that represents a set of values and a philosophy that they’re all working towards.

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