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7 Tips from the Pros for a Luxurious Coastal Wedding

7 Tips from the Pros for a Luxurious Coastal Wedding

From Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard to the Hamptons, across the Northeast and beyond, there’s nothing that speaks to a luxurious feel quite like a coastal wedding theme. And here at SHOUT!, we’re ready to help you curate the most lavish event experience for your guests with custom dance floors, stunning mirrored guest lists, and personal touches that make your big day unforgettable.

Today, we’re sharing our pro tips to make these one-of-a-kind dream events come to life for our clients. If you’re looking to capture coastal elegance, you’ll find that inspiration here to create a wedding vision that is all your own.

Tip 1: Embrace Your Venue’s Views

How could this NOT be our first suggestion? As you transport your guests into a true luxury coastal wedding, you’ll want them to experience the views. This may mean incorporating an outdoor selfie station or a mirrored guest list near the entrance to the reception area overlooking the inlet or shoreline. Or, consider placing a dance floor where guests can walk out and see the water. Explore ways to embrace your venue’s views and bring your wedding daydream to life.

Tip 2: Incorporate Coastal Color Palettes

While you may already have your wedding color palette selected, if you have not yet chosen your wedding colors, this tip may provide you some guidance. As you consider what colors to tie into your big day, think about choosing a coastal color palette.

While this traditionally entails blues and whites, it may also include sandy hues and even some specific beachy greens. Your vendor partners and venue may have some suggestions to help you with this selection process as well, so don’t be shy about inviting their recommendations.

Selecting a coastal color palette will give you the opportunity to further develop your wedding day’s sense of place. This brings your guests deeper into the luxury coastal wedding experience you’re creating for your special day.

Tip 3: Lean into Effortlessly Chic Touches

From simple geometric shapes to classic prints like leaves or florals and even soft colors, your backdrop is the natural allure that’s right at your fingertips. Leverage the bay, inlet, or sea to let the decor speak gently in comparison.

When it comes to dance floors, guest lists, signage, and other signature pieces, consider opting for soft color palettes, effortless patterns, or texture-style prints. Softly glinting reflective surfaces play with light from your chandeliers or other light sources throughout the day and evening to make for an enchanting event.

Tip 4: Plan for the Elements with an Elegantly Tented Reception

While we all hope for sunshine on your wedding day, a tented coastal wedding can be equally luxurious – and be an added layer of protection for those ‘good luck’ nuptial showers. Far from being dowdy, these tents have come a long way.

Elegant tents crop up each year along the Hamptons and New England coastline, a sign of elite events that won’t let potential bad weather stop their joyful celebrations.

Tents can also help shelter your delicate floral arrangements, custom dance floors, and other event decor. So cross your fingers for fair weather, and enjoy the stress-free comfort of knowing that you’ll enjoy the day regardless.

Tip 5: Create Picture-Perfect Moments for Your Guests

Coastal weddings are nothing if not picturesque. But that often doesn’t happen by accident. So, be sure to consider how you and your event vendor partners can create some photo-worthy moments throughout the event space – from picture-perfect dancefloors and stunning spots across the grounds to places in your tented space, leverage your venue’s spaces to create the ideal selfie spot.

Scouting these places beforehand will allow you to guide your guests on the day of the event. Or, plan custom signage ahead of time so you can simply enjoy your big day and ensure guests can do the same.

Tip 6: Don’t Forget Those Personal Touches That Make Your Event All about You and Your Guests

Whether you opt for a timeless classic monogram dance floor or a mirrored guest list that beckons for selfie moments, your guests will swoon over these personalized elements. Don’t be afraid to make your tented coastal wedding a more comfortable affair with your own added flare.

Tip 7: Choose the Right Wedding Vendor Partners So You Don’t Need to Lift a Finger on Your Wedding Day

Don’t stress about your decor on your big day! Enjoy the stress-free wedding of your dreams. Our SHOUT! Team offers true luxury not just with our design embellishments, but in the services we provide from start to finish. We consult with you, plan, prep, and install with a level of professionalism that keeps our customers coming back to us for all of their milestone celebrations. So your only job on your wedding day is to enjoy and make memories with your forever plus-one!

You Can Have Your Wedding Dance Floor Your Way with Our Subfloors!

Now, even if your event venue doesn’t have its own dance floor, you can still enjoy your own personalized dance floor wrap! That’s because SHOUT! now offers subfloors.

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The bottom line is this: We’ve added another way to customize your event floor wraps for the wedding of your dreams! Count on us to take the headaches out of planning so you can truly enjoy the celebration.

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Ready to Bring Your Luxury Coastal Wedding Dreams to Life? Here’s How You Can Get Your Custom Floor Wrap Quote from Our SHOUT! Team

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To make the process as simple as possible, we’ve created a quoting process that’s streamlined and easy to navigate. That way, we can focus on the most important part of the job: bringing your event dreams to life.

Here’s how you’ll get started:

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