direct mail target message

How to Message Your Target Audience via Direct Mailers

Communicating with your customers has never been more important. With small businesses adapting their services to stay afloat during the pandemic and with customers anxious about public health conditions, it’s important to find the most effective ways to share information. Because of social distancing requirements, lots...

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giving back Shout

#GoTogether to support your community

Whether as an individual or as a business, finding ways to support your community has always been good for strengthening your community and boosting morale. But as the United States navigates its way through the COVID-19 pandemic, finding ways to give back isn’t just a...

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event planning during crisis

Event Planning in a Crisis

The event planning industry has taken a big hit as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the world. While the beginning of March saw long-planned events being postponed out of “an abundance of caution,” by the middle of the month, planners were responding to a full-on...

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baby shower floor wrap

Dream Up Your Perfect Baby Shower

There are no two ways about it - right now is a difficult, difficult time for people around the world. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a bit of escapism can help provide a few moments of distraction and give you ideas for future celebrations. And what is...

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bar bat mitzvah floor wrap

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Floor Wrap Inspiration

Congratulations - the bar or bat mitzvah of someone close to you is right around the corner! For such a special occasion, there are lots of arrangements to consider: the ceremony, speeches, and, of course, the party afterward. Bar and bat mitzvah parties are known for...

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