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5 Tips for Hosting a Fun and Unforgettable Bridal Shower

5 Tips for Hosting a Fun and Unforgettable Bridal Shower

From elegant affairs at lush and sweeping vineyards to fun and modern events at industrial and modern city warehouse spaces, bridal showers can be as unique as the bride herself. But if you’re tasked with planning the big event for your favorite bride-to-be, it can be challenging to figure out how to make it truly memorable.

So today, our SHOUT! Team is sharing our top five tips for creating a bridal shower to remember!

Tip 1: Let Your Venue Guide Your Decor

From boho-chic to luxuriously modern, elegant, and sophisticated to classic and refined, the space you select as the site of your bridal or wedding shower might be a blank canvas in some respects. But, it can also be a great source of inspiration for the decor choices you make.

From menus and seating charts to wall wraps and even your dance floor, the type of venue in which you host your event may bring ease to some of your biggest style decisions. Give your guests a real sense of place when they settle into the groove of your event by tying in custom designed decor to compliment your chosen milieu.

Our suggestion: Don’t fight the feeling that comes naturally to your event space. Instead, allow it to take the lead and allow all the finishing touches to follow suit.

Tip 2: Create Personalized Touches to Bring Everything Together

What would it mean to make your shower truly personal? A dance floor with the couple’s wedding date on it? A welcome sign that complements the bride’s style? A signature drink sign in the wedding colors? Whatever little touches you’d like to add to this special occasion, you can make it happen and it all begins with the right planning. So, get your ideas together and dream big!

Tip 3: Go with a Color Palette to Keep Things Looking Stylized and Seamless

The last thing you want guests to feel when they arrive at the bridal shower you’re hosting is confused or overwhelmed.

So, we suggest that you select a theme, including color palette, and stick to it.

This will help your guests feel a sense of continuity and make many of your other decisions simple and streamlined. From what color your floor wrap should be to what your table signs should look like, and everything in between, selecting (and committing to) a simple and clear color palette brings everything together.

It also makes the event more memorable because, more often than not, those themes and colors will evoke feelings and emotions that will tie memories to that event long after it is celebrated.

Tip 4: Create Photo-Worthy Areas for Your Event Space so Guests Can Create Lasting Memories

Photo booths and selfie stations are great. But what if there were places throughout your event space where your guests just fell in love with the decor so much they wanted to take photos and videos without the booth? Or maybe a picture-worthy wall with the couple’s wedding song emblazoned on it? Or a dancefloor with the bride’s future initials? A well-lit gift unwrapping station where guests can take photos with the bride-to-be can also be a big hit.

These decor ideas are as unique as the bride herself and allow you to create memories one photo at a time.

Tip 5: Partner with Vendors You Can Trust so That You Too Can Enjoy the Bridal Shower

While you are responsible for making the day truly memorable, it doesn’t have to be a totally draining task.

You have so much to worry about: selecting a venue, developing a theme or color palette, developing a guest list, maintaining a record of who’s attending, figuring out favors, finding caterers and other vendors. The list goes on.

But when you partner with the right venue and the right vendor partners, you can enjoy the bridal shower as well!

At SHOUT!, we have been helping our customers create unforgettable events, including bridal showers, for decades. So we know what it takes to make these events successful and fun.

You can rely on our team of designers and installers to breathe life into the concepts you’ve dreamt about for this milestone occasion and remove stress from the equation.

Whether Your Shower Is in a Gorgeous Ballroom or at a Wonderful Winery, You Can Have Your Floor Your Way with Subfloors!

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