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Spring 2024’s Top Wedding Trends and How to Make Them Yours

Spring 2024’s Top Wedding Trends and How to Make Them Yours

It’s wedding season! And here at SHOUT!, that means we’re busier than ever as we help you design the wedding of your dreams.

From The Knot bringing us the latest on maximalism and bold colors to Brides.Com sharing the rise of bohemian and celestial themes, to Hitched UK giving a nod to all things Retro, and One Fab Day reminding us that monograms and simple color palettes are here to stay, this season is full of trends new and old for you to explore as you plan your big day.

This month, we’re sharing the season’s biggest trends and ways to make them all your own.

So let’s get to it.

Opt for Bold Colors, Unique Color Schemes, and Maximalist Decor

When you want some head-turning photo opportunities at your wedding or reception, bold colors and maximalism definitely deliver. As The Knot shares, this wedding trend is all about striking the right note with your guests. They call it “bold, yet refined,” and we couldn’t agree more. The overflow of design elements takes a “more is more” approach to design and decor and leaves your guests with a sense of abundance from moment one.

So, when you’re looking to bring this trend to your wedding or reception, you’ll also add a sense of pure luxury to the event.

Make Your Reception’s Bar a Talking Point

Whether your guests are opting for a glass of champagne, wine, beer, or the happy couple’s signature cocktail, the bar can quickly become a congregation area. When it does, make the conversations about the bar itself. That’s why a custom bar wrap can make all the difference. A bar wrap that perfectly complements the venue, your chosen color palette, or wedding theme can turn a bustling bar into a captivating conversation piece.

Go Retro and Show off Your Unique Sense of Style

There are so many reasons you may choose to lean into a retro wedding theme. Perhaps you’ll be wearing a dear family member’s wedding attire, holding the affair at a historic location, or you simply want to pay homage to an era that you and your future partner love. Whatever the reason, if this is your style, it’s right on trend this season!

Vintage and retro weddings, from the groovier times to the more classically refined eras, are sure to leave lasting memories. And when it comes to designing your event, you can transport your guests back in time with everything from floor and wall wraps to custom menus, and gorgeous mirrored guest and table seating charts. The only limit here is your imagination.

Embrace Your Bohemian Side with Laid-Back Designs and Celestial Touches

If the retro trend is not quite what you’re looking for, another popular set of trends this season are the bohemian and celestial trends. In fact, according to Brides.Com, these trends offer artistic flair and a depth of meaning.

Bohemian touches and decor pieces often lend themselves to brighter, airier events with a wealth of whites and warm tones while celestial decor tends toward deeper hues, blues, and deeper jewel tones.

When you select either of these design trends, you can count on our SHOUT! team to guide you through the process of choosing the right decor elements to bring your theme through the entire venue so that everything is cohesive and striking for you and your guests on your big day.


Don’t Forget about the Classics Including Simple Color Palettes, Monograms, and Crests

Some of us simply want to stick with the classics. We want elegant, refined, and timeless wedding decor that we can make our own without looking back at our wedding album and feeling a tinge of regret regarding our choices.

If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. Some classics that remain “on trend” include simple color palettes, black and white color palettes, monograms, and crests.

Even better news?

These simple but sophisticated wedding decor staples can be incorporated into everything from your menus to your dance floor, to your wedding guest table seating chart, and beyond.

So, you can provide your guests with a cohesive, seamless, and completely breathtaking experience from the time they arrive until the very last dance.


You Can Have Your Wedding Dance Floor Your Way with Our Subfloors!

Now, even if your event venue doesn’t have its own dance floor, you can still enjoy your own personalized dance floor wrap! That’s because SHOUT! now offers subfloors.

You can learn more about this process when you email Maxine at

The bottom line is this: We’ve added one more way to customize your event floor wraps for the wedding of your dreams! Count on us to take the headaches out of planning so you can truly enjoy the celebration.

SHOUT! Is Coming to a City Near You!

That’s right!

We’re expanding to bring personalized event decor to additional locations including Austin, Texas; Baltimore, Maryland; Boston, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Orlando, Florida; Phoenix, Arizona; San Antonio, Texas; Scottsdale, Arizona; Washington, DC; and Los Angeles, California.

Don’t see your city on the list? Don’t fret. Reach out to us for a quote today!

Ready to Make Your Bridal Shower Dreams a Reality? Here’s How You Can Get Your Custom Floor Wrap Quote from Our SHOUT! Team

At SHOUT!, we’ve got amazing custom wrapping down to a science. From our caring sales representatives to our amazing on-staff designers and installation managers, rest assured that you’re working with the best of the best. (The many 5-star Google reviews from our happy customers don’t lie!)

To make the process as simple as possible, we’ve created a quoting process that’s streamlined and easy to navigate. That way, we can focus on the most important part of the job: bringing your event dreams to life.

Here’s how you’ll get started:

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