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6 Can’t-Miss Trends for Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs

6 Can’t-Miss Trends for Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs

While our SHOUT! team loves weddings and showers, there’s something really special about bar and bat mitzvahs for us. We remember what it’s like to be kids, and we love making these milestone events as memorable for the children as they are for the adults. So today, we’re sharing the key trends we’ve been seeing quite often when it comes to bat and bar mitzvahs.

And we’ll offer a few tips on how to use custom event decor to make these trends all your own at your upcoming event!

Trend 1: Bright and Vivid Colors Are on Trend

So what’s all the rage right now? Bright, vivid colors and bold design.

Bar and bat mitzvahs have been covered in these vibrant hues for the past year, and that trend isn’t slowing down. So it’s worth some consideration, even if you simply bring in bombastic shades as pops of color, you’ll be sure to turn heads at the event!

Printed wedding floor wrap with monogram

Trend 2: Giving Guests, Young and Old, a Truly High-end Event Feeling

From mirrored welcome signs to menus that match your dance floor, one trend that will never go out of style is giving your guests the VIP experience. Tying together your walls, floors, decorations, menus, signage, and other elements gives a streamlined appearance and a lux feel that will stay with those who attend for years to come.

Trend 3: Mixing Styles to Come up with Something All Your Own

One new trend that shows no sign of slowing down is the mixing and matching of colors, design elements, and themes. For bar and bat mitzvahs this might mean adding tropical touches to a luxuriously classic ballroom, or mixing boho touches within a modern industrial venue.

You can apply this same approach to your walls and floors to create a look that’s unique without clashing or confusing your guests. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind experience for your guests.

Trend 4: Making Your Event Social-Media-Worthy for Your Young Guests and Guest of Honor

In the age of social media, it’s plain to see that children love to snap photos and create videos of their everyday lives. And milestone events like bat and bar mitzvahs are no exception. So consider using your floors, walls, and other decor items to create photo-worthy spots throughout your event venue.

Wondering how to get guests to head over to these carefully curated spots? You can always add a matching sign to let your guests know where they can find these photo opportunities or highlight your very own unique event hashtag!

Trend 5: Making It Personal with Event Decor That Your Child Will Love

Whether your child is into comic books, soccer, gaming, reading, travel, ballet, basketball, or outer space, adding a piece of their personality to the decor for their bar or bat mitzvah is a great way to make the event feel even more special.

Plus, when you work with our SHOUT! team, we can pull that personalized thread through everything from your walls and floors to your menus, guest seating charts, and more.

printed floor wrap

Trend 6: Choosing a Classic and Refined Color Palette

printed floor wrap

While some children enjoy bright and bold colors, your child might lean more towards the softer side.

In fact, selecting a classic color palette can make decorating a breeze. And it makes photos you take at your event feel all the more timeless.


The best part? Even if you go with a simpler color palette, you can still create visual interest with pops of color, mirrored accent walls, or a host of other event decor or wall and floor wraps.

So, this may just be the best of both worlds for you and your child as you celebrate this milestone event.


Whether You’re Looking for Something on Trend or Simply Classic, Give Us a Call to Bring It All Together

Bat and bar mitzvahs are truly special days and they deserve truly memorable decor.

The SHOUT! Team can curate and customize your event wraps and other print items to match your style. From mirrored walls to gorgeous floor wraps, and all the rest.

And even if your venue isn’t floor-wrap-ready, don’t worry!

We now offer subfloors.

You can learn more about this process when you call Maxine at 908-255-8978.

So reach out today to save your date and explore all that we can bring to your event!

It’s True: SHOUT! Is Coming to a City Near You!

That’s right!

We’re expanding to bring personalized event decor to even more locations including Austin, Texas; Baltimore, Maryland; Boston, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Orlando, Florida; Phoenix, Arizona; San Antonio, Texas; Scottsdale, Arizona; Washington, DC; and Los Angeles, California.

Don’t see your city on the list? Never fear. Reach out to us for a quote today!

Preparing for Your Child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Here’s How You Can Get Your Custom Floor Wrap Quote from Our SHOUT! Team

At SHOUT!, we’ve got amazing custom wrapping down pat, from our dedicated sales representatives to our talented on-staff designers and installation managers.

So we’ve created a quoting process that’s simple and easy to navigate. That way, we can focus on the most important part of the job: bringing your event dreams to life.

Here’s how you’ll get started:

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