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Dream Up Your Perfect Baby Shower

There are no two ways about it – right now is a difficult, difficult time for people around the world. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a bit of escapism can help provide a few moments of distraction and give you ideas for future celebrations.

And what is more lovely to celebrate than the impending arrival of a new baby? In February, our clients Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels, stars of MTV’s “Love and Hip Hop,” welcomed their first child together. But before that, they threw a lavish baby shower with a unique theme: the Met Gala.

Said Mena of their choice in theme: “What can we do to top our wedding?’ I came up with it one morning and I was like ‘Let’s do Met Gala!’ Like why not? [With] Met Gala people can be creative, go all out, sparkle, glam, pink hair.”

Take a look at some of their design choices and get inspired. Here are some of our favorite takeaways.

Your Guests Will Be Floored

custom baby shower floor

Floor wraps are a great way to make a big impression on your guests. For the Mena-Samuels baby shower, they chose a design that mimicked the pink color scheme and floral wall, but the sky is really the limit with floor wraps. (Allow us a moment to humblebrag – we put together the floor for this event. Not only were we overjoyed to work with this all-star couple, but we love the way the floor turned out!)

Floor wraps are underutilized at baby showers. Not only do floor wraps offer thousands of ways to enhance your baby shower design, but they also help you better utilize your shower space. Your floor wrap can be used to create an area for gifts, designate seating locations, and, of course, give a nice open space for guests to dance on. 

Showers and Flowers

Nothing says spring and new life quite like flowers. For the Mena-Samuels baby shower, they incorporated thousands of fresh roses in various shades of pink and white to create a fresh, fragrant background. The flowers were set off with a bright white neon sign with their names.

Thinking that thousands of fresh flowers are beyond your budget? A gorgeous replica of this can be crafted either with artificial flowers or through digital printing. Either way, you create a stunning look for a fraction of the price. 

The Great Wall of Donuts

What if flowers aren’t your thing? What if your thing is more along the lines of…donuts? You’re in luck! 

Cupcakes towers may have had their day, but the day of the donut is still upon us. Donut-based design elements are delicious, visually striking, and appealing to everyone. A word to the wise, though: plan these kinds of elements carefully. You don’t want to be caught with an empty donut wall and a room full of guests with low blood sugar. 

Monochromatic Beauty

If you choose the Met Gala as your baby shower theme, you’re going for high style and striking visuals. Opting for a monochrome color scheme creates a cohesive look by removing unnecessary distractions. Ways to incorporate your chosen color across your baby shower – or any event – include: 

  • Invitations and thank you cards
  • Signage
  • Place settings
  • Flower arrangements
  • Floor wraps
  • Walls

Erica Mena baby showerEven food choices can play into a monochromatic color scheme. While you may have more difficulty basing a menu off of certain colors, almost any dessert can be designed to fit into your chosen palette.

We hope these examples and tips have inspired you to dream big for your next baby shower or big event! Contact SHOUT! today to start designing your custom walls, wraps, and other printed needs for your special occasion.

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