4 Reasons to Wrap Your Service Vehicle

When your job requires you to be on the road to serve clients, you have a unique marketing opportunity in front of you: your vehicle. Service industry professionals, in particular, have many options available to them. From food trucks to roofing contractors, any vehicle used in the line of business can act as a mobile billboard to promote your work thanks to the artistry of vehicle wraps.

Need more reasons to deck out your service vehicle? Here are four significant benefits of wrapping your vehicle.

Introduce your brand to new customers

Who is your business? What is your brand? Communicating this information to potential clients is a major undertaking for companies. 

When you wrap your vehicle, you have a whole new way to extend your brand. And not in a small way. One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 – 80,000 impressions daily.

Also consider that not all those impressions are unique impressions, meaning that clients might make contact with your vehicle multiple times throughout a day or week. This is a good thing! Multiple impressions breed familiarity and help with brand recall. If they need your services, you’ll be top of mind. 

Pro-tip: Wrap your fleet

If you have a fleet of vehicles in service of your business, don’t just wrap one. Wrapping all of this ensures brand consistency, and this has a major impact. Fleet vehicle advertising amplifies name recognition up to 15 times greater than other media.

Generate endorsements for your business 

You can read Google and Yelp reviews all day long, but when it comes down to it, there’s always an element of skepticism when it comes to online endorsements. What actually carries weight is the endorsement of people you know – friends, neighbors, coworkers. 

One of the beauties of wraps for your service vehicles is that they help generate endorsements without you having to lift a finger. Endorsements may be implied – i.e., a potential client sees your Mr. Fixit Repairs van outside their neighbor’s house and they assume that you’re a known and trusted quantity. 

Potential clients looking to dig a little further might strike up a conversation with their neighbors to find out more. Either way, your name gets in their head. 

Consumer credibility

Branding and design play a big role in our consumer choices. A polished, well-branded product will win out over an anonymous or unmarked one every time because they communicate who the business is and the level of service they provide.

Vehicle wraps create a professional appearance – an especially important factor for smaller businesses – and show that you take pride in your business. It shows that you’ve invested in it, which in turn boosts your potential client’s confidence in you.

Return on investment

Whenever you’re evaluating marketing options, you always want to consider your ROI. You can’t beat vehicle wraps for this metric! Vehicle wraps are affordable, ranging in cost from $2,000-$10,000 depending on size and design. However, the benefits last well beyond the initial investment.

As noted, vehicle wraps generate massive impressions. Car wraps offer the lowest cost per impression at less than $44 per million impressions. Even better, the cost per impression is impressively low and, unlike with traditional advertising methods, since you own the media, once you’ve paid for the wrap, you’re done – a huge benefit for smaller businesses.

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