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4 Things Company Holiday Parties Miss Nearly Every Time

Company holiday parties (n.): A chance to get to have fun and connect with your co-workers outside the typical 9-5; the time when most event planners slack on making the most out of a prime branding opportunity

One of the biggest reasons to have a holiday party? To boost morale!

Yet every year companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars on holiday parties and then miss the chance to build on those festive feelings and turn them into team spirit.

Want to create warm fuzzy feelings toward your brand, reminding everyone there how much they like the company they work for?

Then you have to make sure you’re actually branding while you’re building the warm and fuzzy!

Your employees should see your logo and company colors over and over throughout the event. The goodwill it creates outweighs the little extra cost and goes a LONG way toward carrying team members throughout the year when the busy season and demanding projects start rolling in.

Where it all goes wrong

Here’s the usual steps for the corporate holiday party:

1. Pick date
2. Pick venue
3. Send email invite
4. Coordinate food, entertainment and giveaways
5. Throw amazing event

But that amazing event is missing one REALLY important piece: print branding.

Getting it right

Chances are the date is already on the calendar. And if it’s not, it’s time to get planning. Summer’s almost over and the holiday season will hit whether you’re ready or not (and usually we’re not ready – thank goodness for 24 hour stores).

Here’s the four print pieces we’ve seen clients use time and again to add an instant morale boost:

1. Build the excitement. Send out those saves the dates and invites! Match them to a theme and show everyone the amazing time they’re going to have. Foil, custom inlays, die-cut invites. Break out the unique invitations to go along with the one of a kind event you’re going to put on.
2. Start the party off right. Welcome guests at the entrance with a pop-up banner or poster/easel combo.
3. The fun’s this way. Having your event at an unfamiliar venue? Don’t leave your guests wandering around trying to figure out where to go. Steer them to the fun with floor signage and posters.
4. Transform your space. Wish your venue had a little more of that “wow” factor? Floor and wall murals take your event from ordinary to extraordinary by adding branded floor and wall wraps.  

No matter what place you pick, floor wraps an easy way to upgrade any space and won’t damage the floors or take up any additional space.

Brand the night away

These little print touches are the cherry on top of what’s sure to be an awesome event, creating a party that makes everyone grateful for where they work.

Don’t be afraid to use your logo in as many places as possible. The event is happening thanks to the hard work everyone has put in throughout the past year to make the company successful. It’s the very thing that ties everyone at the party together.

Here at SHOUT! we’re all about maximizing your event and helping you get the most out of it. Need some help? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Oh, and here’s a little something to brighten up your holiday season early….

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It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Amanda Sexton is a contributing Editor for SHOUT, a 25 year old graphic and print solutions family-owned company located in Flemington, NJ that specializes in high-quality results for businesses, entertainment and events, and commercial services. Focused on providing products that support a broader goal for their customers, SHOUT’s team delivers projects with a personal touch throughout the entire process. 

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