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What Event Planners Need to Know About Custom Graphics

As an event planner, you want your event to be good. And part of that is wanting it to look good, too. There’s no better way to deliver a visually on-target event than by incorporating custom graphics into your event strategy. 

So what does that involve?

Know your options

COVID-19 has turned everything upside down – including event planning. Although many parts of the country have begun the reopening process after the months-long shutdown, the potential for in-person events remains limited, especially when you’ve got a lot of attendees.

As an event planner, you’re ready for this. You know you can deliver a great event online or in-person. Make sure your graphic design plans match the format, though. 


Graphic needs for in-person events are varied! You might need business cards, signage, flyers, booklets or programs, promotional items, and more.

Although we would love to say that in-person events are business as usual, they’re not. If you’re having your event in-person, you’ll need to plan according to local and state public health guidelines. This might require additional signage supporting social distancing measures. There are a number of options here – posters, wall wraps, directional signage, and more. 

COVID event sign


With virtual events, you’ll leave the need for signage at home. However, you’ll need to make sure you consider how to translate flyers, brochures, and other events graphics from print into digital. (Quite the reversal for the 21st century, isn’t it!?) Questions to ask include:

  • Do we need custom backgrounds for video conferencing?
  • What is the most accessible way to deliver printed materials?
  • What are value-added takeaways for attendees in this environment?

virtual event

Plan for consistency

Your custom graphics should be consistent. Full stop. While creativity is exciting and inspiring, consistently executed graphics are the most impactful. 

What does that look like? If you built your event marketing for your regional coffee roaster conference around a logo of a coffee bean, that should be incorporated into everything: signage, flyers, invites, your website. It should fully line up with your branding.

Oh, and speaking of branding…

Yes, your branding should include considering your logo. But branding is so much more than that. touches on everything from the visual (colors, font choices) to the conceptual (your values, beliefs, and positions).

If you don’t have a background in marketing, branding might sound like it’s out of your wheelhouse. But, we promise, it’s easier than you think to figure out your event’s brand. Revisit our post on everything you need to know about branding to brush up on the process.

Who are your guests?

In marketing speak, who is your target audience? What’s the best way to visually communicate with them? There’s a big difference between coordinating a small, socially distanced wedding and a large virtual conference for engineers. 

Identifying who you’re reaching with your graphics will have a massive impact on your custom graphics, from the design elements (what colors and themes are you using? Font style and size? Accessibility?) to how they’re delivered (Mailers as invites? Or social-only? Paperless events?). 

Planning is everything. Don’t forget to do it.

Planning ahead is oh-so-important for an event planner. You never know what last-minute emergency could crop up. (Actually, you probably can name ten off the top of your head right now!) Don’t let planning your custom graphics take a backseat. While virtual events without a printed element can be as easy as uploading files, the back end of designing can take some time. 

And if there’s a printed element? You really want to avoid last-minute rush jobs. Printers can often accommodate rush print jobs, but midnight hour projects come with a price tag. Moral of the story? Plan ahead and get your graphics done well in advance. You’ll rest easier. 

If you’ve got an event coming up, make sure you’re factoring in custom graphics! Our team of experts can help you design and create custom pieces that will help your event stand out. Contact SHOUT! today.

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