Must-Have Conference Signage

You’ve booked your venue. You’ve lined up your can’t-miss-them keynote speakers. You’ve arranged for catering worthy of Top Chef. What else is left?

Oh yes, the signage. Signage is an essential part of a successful conference. Signage serves the all-important function of directing and informing attendees, but it’s rarely as simple as making a few directional displays. So how can conference planners transform their signage from functional to exceptional?

Flawless welcome signage

This is your first opportunity to make an impression on your guests, so seize the day! Is your conference a down-to-business professional retreat? A three-dimensional welcome sign with directions and schedule information will get people moving in the right direction with no time lost. On the other hand, maybe your conference has a more free-flowing, whimsical vibe. In that case, entrance arches, light-up tubes, graffiti walls, neon signs! The only limit is your imagination. 

Unexpected directional signage

Don’t leave your conference attendees guessing how to get from point A to B. Wayfinding is an essential responsibility for any conference organizer. There are lots of unique options for directing people. Signposts are an unexpected option and can be stylized to fit the style of your event.

Looking to take an extra step or two for your guests? Footprints on the floor are a great wayfinding idea to combine with signage too.

The Wall

Inspire guests with a spotless wall wrap mural that reflects the brand and themes of your conference. A mural is a beautiful showcase piece to inspire your guests. Get more mileage out of the mural by incorporating interactive elements, as well. For example, a wall wrap can include hashtags in a way that both communicate how attendees tag the event online AND encourage them to take selfies in front of it!

Unexpected wraps

Although signage most often goes on walls, in hallways, entrances, and the like, there are great signage options that will take your attendees by surprise. Have a staircase leading to the registration area? Try a wrap that covers the stair risers. Welcoming guests in the lobby for a networking event? A cleverly branded floor wrap will provide an icebreaker for even the shyest guest. 

Inflatable signage

We’re not talking about balloons! There are lots of options for inflatable signage that you don’t need a helium tank for. Inflatables draw your attendees’ attention and give your conference added color, character, and a sense of fun. There are lots of options on where to use them, too. Whether welcoming guests at the entrance or highlighting the stage for a keynote speaker, there are countless ways to create a one of a kind experience for attendees.

Not-so-basic banners

Banners are staples of any event, from high school reunions to trade shows. Banners come in virtually every shape, size, and color and can fit into any space. Best of all, they are affordable – not only is cost reasonable, but you can potentially reuse for later events. 

Signage plays an essential role in a successful conference, from setting the right tone to helping guests find their way. To learn more about options for your conference, contact SHOUT.

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