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What Coca-Cola’s “Share A Coke” Campaign Can Teach You About Print Impact

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign holds a valuable lesson for the print industry and we took notice! The message – There’s a right and wrong way to print branded material!

Remember the #shareacoke phenomenon? Basically Coke took some of the most popular names around and began printing them on Coke bottles, encouraging people to share not only with friends and family but also on social media.

What really caught our attention in a recent article was how Coke used print to help create a successful campaign.  The article showed the huge role print played – billboards and banners were used to help promote the campaign.  But it was a very specific type of print advertisements, ones that used bold, high-quality and consistent graphics.

And then it hit us.


Coke’s commitment to print is exactly what we try to help our clients do here at SHOUT.

Your success, whether it’s maxing out attendance at an event, getting everyone in town to try out your new product or getting some people interested enough to interact and engage with your company, is our collective goal.


We to want our clients to:

  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Gain brand recognition.
  • Be seen as professional.
  • Present themselves in an innovative and unique way.


Because what’s the alternative?

  • Being ignored.
  • Minimizing your brand awareness.
  • Having prospective consumers moving on to another company or option.


What it takes to make it happen: brands need to present bold, quality print that’s consistent the overall brand messaging.

Anything less isn’t setting your business or event up for success. Coke knew that to make #shareacoke a success they needed to project the right image. And they did just that, across all platforms, including print.

Create the impact your piece deserves by taking a lesson from Coca-Cola: solidify your brand with the right graphics and the right print.


Amanda Sexton is a contributing Editor for SHOUT, a 25 year old graphic and print solutions family-owned company located in Flemington, NJ that specializes in high-quality results for businesses, entertainment and events, and commercial services. Focused on providing products that support a broader goal for their customers, SHOUT’s team delivers projects with a personal touch throughout the entire process.

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