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5 Things to Include When Requesting a SHOUT! Floor Wrap Quote for Your Next Event!

Custom dance floor wraps give your special occasions a gorgeous finishing touch. These dynamic decorations can transform a space and add a touch of elegance to any event.

From the New York Metro area to Los Angeles, Philadelphia to Boston, Baltimore to Orlando, and Vegas To DC, our SHOUT team is here to help you personalize your big day and we’ve got over 25 years of experience behind us.

Plus, when you reach out (no matter where you are in your planning process) we can help you explore your options, ask your venue the right questions, and choose the right type of floor wrap for your unique vision.  

And today, we’re sharing the key information we’ll need to help you do just that.

Here are the five key things we’ll need from you to deliver a quote for your event’s custom floor wrap!

1) Share Your Event Venue Details and Any Installation Requirements from Your Venue Host

The first few pieces of information we’ll need to get the quoting process started are related to your venue. We’ll want to know which venue will host your event (address) and if possible, we’d love a photo of the dance floor itself so that we can begin to envision the floor wrap right along with you.

We’ll also want any installation details or requirements your venue provides. If you’re not sure what installation requirements might exist for your venue, it’s best to reach out and let them know that you plan to include a custom floor wrap for your event. 

They’ll let you know if they have any restrictions in place that could impact bringing your vision to life. An important, and informative, question you can ask them would also be: Have you had the dance floor wrapped for previous events? 

This insight is incredibly helpful to both you and our team, as it will guide the rest of your floor wrap process.

2) Provide the Floor Dimensions for Any Areas That You’d Like to Adorn with a Floor Wrap

Whether your custom floor wrap will sprawl across the entirety of the dance floor or you plan to place a monogram at the center, we’ve got you covered. And to ensure we get every design detail just right, we’ll need the floor dimensions of any area you’d like us to wrap. 

Perhaps the easiest way to get these measurements is to contact your venue directly. There’s a strong chance that the space has been wrapped or decorated before and the venue staff should have this information close at hand.

Once we have that information, we’ll work with you on the design of your custom floor wrap so that inch by inch, the floor of your venue becomes the dance floor of your dreams.

3) Let Us Know What Type of Floor We’ll Be Covering with Your Custom SHOUT Floor Wrap

Not all floors are created equal. We’ll need your venue’s approval to wrap the dance floor.

To make sure our products look their best on your big day, we like to work with dance floors that are marble, laminate, lucite, granite, or tile.

Some hardwood floors can present issues. These floors take a beating and this often results in a great deal of wear and tear. So we only apply our custom floor wraps to well-maintained wood floors.

If your venue has wood floors and you’re excited about your SHOUT floor wrap, we recommend a site inspection and meeting with your venue’s management to ensure it can be safely and beautifully wrapped. Depending on your location and because of our expertise in making memorable events across the country, we may be able to share with you a list of venues in your area where we know the floors can be wrapped.

If your venue’s floor can’t be wrapped for whatever reason, you can elect to choose a different avenue to attain your desired results. Some have even opted to rent a dance floor that can be wrapped. And if you have any questions along the way, our team will be here to help!

4) Share Your Event Times, Date, and When Preparation Can Begin at Your Event Venue

It’s no surprise that we’ll need to know the date, time, and duration of your event.

But we’ll also need a vital piece of info from your venue: event set-up timing.

Every venue has different requirements governing when vendors and guests of honor can access the space. For some, there’s flexibility up to a few days prior and others allow set up to begin only hours before. With so much to consider, it’s helpful to connect with your venue manager early on to determine when set-up can be done in preparation for your event.

Once you have those details, let our team know so that we can create a schedule that aligns perfectly with yours and has your custom floor wrap placed with ease!

5) Let Us Know What Type of Floor Wrap You’d Like

At SHOUT, we specialize in creating unforgettable, personalized events with our custom floor wraps. No matter which aesthetic you choose to commemorate your special occasion, we’ve got a variety of floor wrap types to choose from including:

Monogram Dance Floor Wraps

Select a black or white custom flor wrap with your personalized monogram at the center. This adds a touch of class to any dance floor. 

All-White Custom Dance Floor Wraps

Sleek, simple, modern, all-white dance floors coordinate beautifully with just about any wedding theme.

Specialty Event Floor Wraps

Vibrant, delicate, intricate, and stylish, these floor wraps combine elements including full floor wraps, foil accents, mirror wrap, and more to provide you with something truly unique for your big day.

Full-Print Special Occasion Floor Wraps

And of course, if you have a specific vision for the style of your custom event floor wrap, we’re all ears. From classic to modern, rustic to minimalist, and everything in between, we’re here to bring your dream floor wrap vision to life!

Need Some Inspiration? SHOUT Has You Covered

Every event is truly unique. But if you’re looking for new and exciting ways to incorporate a custom floor wrap for your big day, look no further. Here are three of our favorites to inspire you!

Complement Your Venue’s Architecture with a Floor Wrap

This wedding featured a full-coverage white and gold floor wrap, an unforgettable way to compliment the white and gold decor including chairs, florals, and the absolutely opulent venue architecture at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston, MA.

Allow Your Floor Wrap to Accentuate Your Event Florals 

This wedding at the Park Savoy featured abundant florals and a matching SHOUT dance floor wrap with understated and lovely watercolor floral designs.

Take Your Event Theme to the Next Level with Floor Wraps

This Gatsby-esque gold and black floor wrap brings a vintage flair to a gorgeous wedding event space in New England. Your floor wrap can blend seamlessly with your event’s theme and bring all the pieces together.

Let’s Make Your Next Event Something to SHOUT About!

If you have any questions or are ready to create your dream event with our team’s help, just give us a SHOUT!

We’re Coming To A City Near You!

 By popular demand, the team at SHOUT! is excited to announce that we’re now serving these cities:  Las Vegas, Washington DC, Baltimore, Austin, San Antonio, Orlando, Charlotte, Boston, and Los Angeles with more to come! Interested in working with us to make your next event memorable in your city? Let us know by completing this form.

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