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5 Fantastic Dance Floor Ideas to Give You Wedding Inspiration

5 Fantastic Dance Floor Ideas to Give You Wedding Inspiration

Planning your wedding ceremony and reception?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the decisions that come along with your big day?

At SHOUT!, we’re here to help take some of those feelings and headaches that go along with ‘the big day’ off of your plate – especially when it comes to uniquely decorating your venue.

One of the best ways to create a truly mesmerizing and memorable event is with showstopping acrylic dance floors and dance floor wraps.

Your dance floor is often the centerpiece of your event space. It brings together your other decor pieces from florals to lighting. It infuses the event space with your chosen wedding theme or color palette. Plus you can even use your acrylic dance floor or custom wedding floor wrap to bring your own personality and love story to the space.

But how do you get started?

We’d suggest beginning this process with a bit of inspiration!

And today we’re sharing some of our most-loved dance floors to give you that ‘ah ha’ moment as you check “amazing dance floor” off your to-do list.

Did You Know: SHOUT! Is Coming to a City Near You!

That’s right!

We’re bringing unforgettable wedding dance floors to more locations across the country!

In fact, we’re now serving: Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Antonio, Washington DC, and Los Angeles.

And there are more locations to come, so stay tuned!

Make Your Wedding Dance Floor Truly Personal


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The right dance floor can turn a room into a canvas – and with a stunning design, your love story can be displayed for all of your guests to see.

Some venues call to us because they’re blank slates and can become whatever we imagine. But the challenge often lies in bringing a sense of personality to all of that white space.

So, if you’re holding your ceremony or reception at a gorgeous hotel or a converted industrial space, a wrapped dance floor is just the thing to add that personalized touch.

From delicate monogram wraps like this one to dance floors that match your own unique wedding theme or color palette, when we work together we’ll help you design a dance floor that shares a piece of who you are with your guests. And that makes for an experience you and your guests won’t soon forget!

Make the Most of a Spacious Venue With a Gleaming Dance Floor


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Warm, romantic surroundings deserve a dance floor that mirrors that level of opulence without feeling overbearing. And when done right, it’s absolutely elegant.

This installation drew attention to the expansive venue, decorative ceilings, glistening chandeliers, and blossoming flowers that lined the space. Reflective acrylic dance floors like this one can really accentuate the architecture of your reception venue – adding that special something that ties the whole look together.

So, if your wedding or reception venue is a masterpiece all on its own, our team of expert designers and installers can help you tie it all together for a seamlessly breathtaking view.

Create Your Very Own Secret Garden Wedding Experience


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Transport your guests to a captivating world of greenery with a floor wrap that makes your natural florals pop.

If you’re looking for a soft and lovely approach to your wedding dancefloor, this style of floor wrap is perfect for you!

While we love a bold and bright approach to dance floors as well, this subtle piece offers a peaceful, refined touch that imbues relaxing vibes and puts all at ease from the moment they enter.

One crucial element where our team truly excels is color selection. We can also help you decide on the palette for your dance floor and the designs you’d like to incorporate. That way, you have expert eyes and experienced professionals guiding you as you design the reception or ceremony space you envision. Whether you’re a bride, groom, or wedding planner, our goal is to make the process as easy for you as possible so you can focus on the most important part of the big day – the celebration!

A Gilded Dance Floor to Match Your Wedding’s Gorgeous City Views


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Did breathtaking views factor into your venue selection process?

Whether you’re hosting a boho chic farm wedding, a vibrant vineyard reception, or a ceremony with cityscape views, a sense of place makes weddings unforgettable.

And when your location takes the lead, a dance floor with understated elegance brings the whole event together.

And with our dance floor wraps, you can make that happen with ease. We’ll get a sense of your wedding colors and the atmosphere of your reception location before collaborating with you to design something that complements your space beautifully whether it’s indoors or out.

An Acrylic and Print Dancefloor With Vibrant Florals


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Your bouquet doesn’t need to be the only show-stopping floral arrangement at your wedding. With a fantastic floral print laid across an acrylic dance floor, your guests will have no choice but to stop and stare.

Honestly, our team loves this style because it showcases a mixed-medium approach to creating a one-of-a-kind dance floor that leaves everyone’s jaw on the floor when they first enter the room.

Simply put: If you can dream it, we’ll help you create it for a day you’ll never forget!

Let Our Team Create Your Dream Wedding Dance Floor

If you’re feeling inspired by these stunning acrylic dance floors and floor wraps, contact us at and we’ll help bring your wedding vision to life!

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