Be Aggressive to Survive – Follow These Five Tips to Ensure Your Business’s Marketing Strategy Delivers in 2018

With a new year underway, it’s time to start thinking about how you can maintain your company’s brand quality. Keeping branding material up to date and consistent is one of the most important factors in ensuring your business keeps up with the competition. However, so many businesses let their brand quality slip by holding off on renewing material, a mistake which could have detrimental consequences in this era of highly competitive business. Here at SHOUT! we recognize the importance of maintaining high-quality branding through the use of high quality, well designed, up to date material, and we have come up with five essential tips to follow to ensure your business does not fall behind the competition!

1. Consistency is Key – Some of the most recognizable brands in the world, such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have had the same logo since they first started out. These are great examples of how successful consistency in branding can be. Changing your company’s logo too often will make your brand less recognizable, leading to a drop in sales and potentially less market interest. Once you have your ideal logo and brand appearance, stick with it!

2. Keep it  Fresh – Just because your brand appearance and logo is not changing it doesn’t mean the material you use to present it should not be changed regularly. There’s nothing worse than a timeless, classy logo printed on an old dirty billboard with frayed edges, or a scratched, aged wall wrap. The condition of the material your business uses reflects the quality of service, so ensure you change branding material regularly to keep that professional, sleek appearance your business deserves!

3. All Aboard and Full Steam Ahead! – A branding strategy means nothing if only a fraction of the employees are using the material in the correct way. It’s important to ensure EVERYONE understands how to correctly use company material like taglines and other graphics, printed material, and social profiles. By getting the whole team on board, the company’s branding strategy will become more consistent and this will reflect the professionalism with which the business operates.

4. Have your Finger on the Pulse – New forms of branding material are constantly being designed and released. Who would have thought thirty years ago that whole vehicles, buildings, and even glass panels could be expertly designed using high-quality wraps that seamlessly merge your company’s brand with the surrounding environment? There’s no doubt that new forms of material will flood the market, and you need to keep your finger on the pulse to ensure you don’t get left behind in the fast-paced world of brand and marketing!

5. If in Doubt, Call in the Experts – If you’re worried that the branding material and strategy your company uses is outdated, lackluster, and not getting the results you know it can, do not hesitate to get expert help from an outside agency. Brand competitiveness has become so important to modern businesses that the demand for expert brand and marketing specialists has gone through the roof. Using one of these services will ensure you take the risk out of your branding strategy and will give you peace of mind that you can cut it with the rest. What’s more, don’t hesitate and wait too long before making this decision! Every day your company operates under its outdated marketing strategy and material brings potential losses and missed opportunities!

2018 will be a year when the competition between companies continues to intensify as more and more businesses step up their branding techniques. Do not get left behind by allowing your business’s marketing strategy to become outdated, or by allowing the material to become old, worn and predictable. Using innovative techniques, high-quality material, and by getting everyone in the business onboard, you will be able to keep up with the pace and give your business a chance at getting ahead of the game. SHOUT! provides great solutions for high-quality printed material that can ensure your business maintains a professional look that keeps up with the latest in design technology. Inquire today about a quote by emailing us or giving us a call, and get your business’s brand and marketing strategy to the level you know it should be!