print and digital in sales

The Key To Using Print and Digital to Drive Sales

Every sales person and business owner would love it if the tactical part of selling was as easy as making a call, sending an email and closing  the deal.  There are proven ways you can use print and digital to close sales even quicker.

Here’s how you can tie-in print to your digital sales efforts to quickly move leads through the sales funnel depending on what stage a prospect is in, turning them into clients even faster.


If someone doesn’t know about your product or service, how can they purchase it? The very first step is making sure people know about your company.

There’s also a lot of opportunity to build trust at  this stage. Seeing consistent branding, high-value messaging and quality design go a long way toward getting positive brand recognition.  

It’s important to focus on your Unique Selling Proposition at  this stage in both digital and print. Focus on what value you provide, what your prospect’s pain points and problems are  and how you can provide  solutions. You can also include results others have seen by using what you have to offer.

If your leads are in this stage you can build your brand awareness and make the most of each impression with:

  • Banner ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Website
  • Blog posts
  • Educational content like white-papers
  • Infographics 

The great part about using print in your sales process,, is the number of impressions that can be generated.  Direct mail is addressed to one person but can virally make the rounds through three or four people, getting you even more exposure per piece. Examples of print you can use in the awareness stage include:

  • Tip sheets
  • Business cards
  • Direct mail


Once a potential client knows about your company and becomes interested, the next step is to educate them on what you have to offer. Guide them through the process with a little hand-holding using digital and print to establish expertise and relevance.  Blogs and websites can highlight experience, practical tips and advice and showcase past projects and successes.

You can offer case studies in a print or digital format to highlight the way you’ve helped others. ROI calculators are another way you can create a big impression. Nothing speaks louder than numbers and statistics, so this is a perfect time to show what the potential impact will be. How much money will they save? What results can they expect?

You may have even been lucky enough to get a meeting. Make an impact right away with custom printed presentation folders and sales sheets. How you follow up with initial meetings is critical – think print collateral here! Bring along print pieces to leave afterward that show why you’re the right choice. For each and every print piece, you’ll want to choose the type of paper, stock, font and design that reflects your brand.

In every situation in this stage, be proactive and make it easy for prospects  to find what they’re looking for.


You’re almost there! Your potential buyer has decided that they are now interested in  what you have, but will it be you they actually purchase from?

Now’s the time to get out those testimonials. Make sure your loyal customers have left positive reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook.  Customers want to feel confident they’re making the right choice and reviews can go a long way toward sealing the deal.

Another key piece of digital advice at this stage is video. Include customer testimonials combined with case studies to bring to life past successes and the real voices of actual customers.  These can be sent through email marketing and posted both on social media and your website.

Your  website presence is as essential as it was in the beginning when you were   building brand awareness. There’s good odds a client will visit your site again, reading product and service descriptions more thoroughly and looking for answers to all their remaining questions. Make this information easy to find and read. Content creation makes your site more sticky and gets people coming back.

You can also use special offers, especially through print, to help drive a purchase decision. Flyers, direct mail pieces and coupons can help provide that little extra push.  


It’s official. You’ve earned their business.

Once you’re done celebrating it’s time to focus on confirming  why they’ve made the right choice. Welcome emails, content that’s available only to clients (white papers, educational info, etc.), and even a handwritten note can help make a customer feel special and that their business is appreciated.

There you have it. Easy ways you can utilize both print and digital to close your sales even faster.

Amanda Sexton is a contributing Editor for SHOUT, a 25 year old graphic and print solutions family-owned company located in Flemington, NJ that specializes in high-quality results for businesses, entertainment and events, and commercial services. Focused on providing products that support a broader goal for their customers, SHOUT’s team delivers projects with a personal touch throughout the entire process.