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Design for Corporate: Refresh Your Branding

Offices across the country are slowly starting to open up again as increasing numbers of people get the Covid-19 vaccines and restrictions ease. 

While work-from-home may be part of life for a while longer, there are lots of reasons to be excited about returning to in-office work life. Reopening guidelines vary widely by city, state, and industry, but one thing’s for sure: business owners are all figuring out how to adapt to the new normal. 

Part of that means reintroducing themselves to clients and employees alike—depending on your office, you might have been closed for over a year now. So take this opportunity to refresh your branding with signage for 2021. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some categories to consider. 

Exterior Signage

You can’t blame people for wondering who is open and who isn’t these days. Exterior signage and banners make it easy to identify open businesses—or what degree of openness they are, what office practices/safety procedures are, and more. 

Monument signs, pole signs, and pylon signs are great types of signs to use, but don’t forget about exterior wall signs or window graphics. Whether you use vinyl posters, wall wraps, or another format, this space is valuable real estate for welcoming everyone back.  

Make sure these high-visibility signs are created in line with your branding. Your brand colors, fonts, and graphics should be spot-on for these investment pieces. 

Wall Graphics

Let’s talk a little more about wall graphics. Wall graphics are a high-impact way to refresh your branding and there are way more options than people realize. A wall graphic can go inside or outside, be large or small, and incorporate a wide range of graphic design details. 

One option that lots of clients love is a mural. Murals are visually engaging and add an artistic touch to your walls. Add one indoors to boost your employee’s morale, add one outdoors to draw in customers. 

If you’re looking for smaller-scale options, corporate decals provide a solid bang-for-your-buck. These easily branded vinyl stickers can be swapped out throughout the year to reflect different marketing messages.

Maps and Wayfinding

Has it been a while since folks were in the office? Maybe you’ve shifted your floor maps around to accommodate social distancing and safer workspaces? If that’s the case, update your interior maps and wayfinding. 

Maps and wayfinding don’t have to just be posters on your office walls. Consider:

  • Floor, window, and elevator wraps for directional signage
  • Vinyl banners 
  • Murals 
  • Mounted signs 
  • A-frame signs 
  • Window graphics

Window and Floor Wraps

We can all agree—it’s been a stressful year for everyone. Workers returning to the office might be worried, anxious, or reluctant to change their routines. 

Help smooth the transition by updating the office space to boost energy and productivity. Wall wraps can create a cohesive team space that your employees can get excited about. Conference rooms, break rooms, collaborative spaces, any space in your office can benefit from a visual refresh.

Floor graphics are another option. Not only do they add to the aesthetic appeal of a space, but they can also serve functional purposes—wayfinding, foot traffic direction, social distancing, and more. 

Social Distancing and Safety Signage

We’ve already mentioned it several times, but social distancing signage is critical for safely returning to the workspace. Floor graphics and posters provide useful reminders for workers to be mindful of physical distancing, hygiene practices, and company policies. 

While you’re adding social distancing signage, check on your general safety signage. Are they still accurate? Still in the right spots? Update accordingly. 

If you want to learn how to update your corporate office signage, contact the team at SHOUT! to get started. 

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