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The Power of Print: How to Utilize Old Marketing Methods for Modern Success

When it comes to implementing an effective, vibrant and professional marketing strategy that grabs the attention and initiates a call to action, printed material is an integral component. With the explosion of digital platforms such as social media, website advertising, and search engine marketing, graphic print seems to have been pushed to the wayside as an outdated form of marketing. But this idea is now being pushed back, with many analysts highlighting that more and more people are simply “numbing out” digital forms of marketing due to its frequent and impersonal content. Market researchers have also found that potential customers actually prefer a tangible, physical message that can be held, read and considered a material possession. This actually builds a rapport with the company who is represented by the marketing material. Here at SHOUT! we’re embracing the importance of print as a strategic marketing tool, and have thought of new, innovative ways to integrate graphic print into your marketing strategy and get creative to ensure you reach a larger target audience and demographic!

According to the 2015 Direct Marketing Association Response Rate Report, even regular direct mail is more than seven times more effective than all digital channels combined. Add personalization on top of that, and that rate can jump another 4 times.

Do the BASICS, and do them RIGHT!

Graphic design business cards have been the most basic of business printing marketing strategies for decades. But nowadays more and more companies are using digital alternatives to pass on their details to potential customers and clients, which are often lost in the complex web of emails or simply just forgotten about. With a good quality, professionally designed and individualistic business card, your clients or potential customers will have a personal piece of property with which to remember their interaction with you or a representative of your company. At SHOUT!, our professional graphic designers use the latest in design print technology to craft clever and innovative graphic design business cards that emphasize your company logo design, while helping to cement the bond between your company’s brand identity and the potential client.

Make Your Marketing Mobile

Digital marketing strategies have laid down some new challenges for more traditional forms of marketing, and this has meant that print marketing has needed to become more creative! Designers and marketing strategists are now looking at spaces in different ways, applying modern print technology to realize new and exciting methods of catching the attention of potential customers. Vehicle wraps are a creative way to completely transform what would otherwise have been a redundant surface, into an exciting, mobile and different advertising machine. SHOUT! uses new technologies that can create perfectly seamless wraps for vehicles of all shapes and sizes, creating a whole new world of possibilities for new marketing campaigns.

Transform the Way We See the World

Other great ways to WOW! potential customers and stick your company’s brand in their mind is to completely transform their environment using floor, wall or ceiling graphics. With people so used to seeing advertising in the usual locations such as billboards, shop window posters, or on the subway, why not grab their attention by transforming their usual space and surroundings? Using high definition printing technology, SHOUT! can transform shop walls, event space dance floors, or even subway station ceilings using this exciting and innovative technology that will immerse potential customers in your company’s brand experience!

With New Year and Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to start implementing a marketing strategy that makes use of all marketing techniques available, including the much overlooked printed graphic design. With SHOUT! by your side, you can change the way people look at the world around them, and in turn, make your company’s brand really stand out in time for the big end of year push! Contact us at SHOUT! today to find out how we can help you realize those print design marketing strategy ideas you’ve always dreamed of. Call us at (908) 284-1700 x. 15 and let us help you get ahead of the rest this coming festive period!

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